What is an Uber Pass and is it right for you?

What happened to Uber deals where transportation from here to there is cheaper than all other transportation methods except walking? This is the case with the epidemic.

Social media and news publications are full of stories with fares that are at least twice the price paid last year. Someone even told the New York Times that his Uber fare from Midtown Manhattan to JFK Airport was as much as his flight to San Francisco. He showed a receipt for $250 to prove this.

Does Uber Pass help? may. Let us explore the benefits of membership.

What is an Uber Pass and how it can help you save on travel expenses

This Uber ride pass Subscription services first appeared in some cities in 2018. Now you can subscribe to Uber Pass in more than 200 cities across the country.

The ride-sharing company expanded the program during the pandemic last year, but due to ongoing struggles with the state, it closed the program in California, which tried to require Uber to mark its drivers as employees, not contractors.

Uber Pass is a monthly subscription and costs $24.99. For me in Cincinnati, this is about the cost of a 20-minute Uber ride, given or accepted. Uber calculates your price based on the time of day and travel distance, plus any booking fees and surge pricing based on location (for example, New York City is much more expensive than Cincinnati) and demand.

Assess the benefits of Uber Pass

What can you get for $24.99 per month to make Uber Pass worth the money? There are four things to consider here:

1. Uber Pass includes member-only discounts

Generally speaking, you can save 10% on economy class and 15% on premium itineraries. Economy class includes UberX, UberXL, Uber Green and Uber Comfort itineraries, while Premium only includes Uber Black, Premier and SUV itineraries.

To recover the monthly fee of only US$24.99 from this benefit, you need to pay approximately US$250 per month for Uber rides. Spend a penny more and it has already paid for itself.

But discounted rides are not the only advantage of Uber Ride Pass.

2. Uber Pass protects you from price spikes

Mark-up pricing is a frustrating concept for passengers: When more customers request rides than provide their drivers, Uber will charge passengers more because the company provide More drivers go to peak areas (such as a popular bar that closes immediately after the holidays).

This increase in demand and decrease in drivers is now happening on a larger scale. Although surge pricing is usually limited to popular destinations, usually when it opens and closes, passengers are increasingly seeing it due to a shortage of Uber drivers across the country.

The Uber Ride Pass can protect you from this surge in pricing. This is a very clever strategy of Uber: Uber increases the price of its rides and then asks you to pay more for its monthly services to protect you from price increases. In any case, Uber won.

In other words, if you often play Uber, you may also win.

3. Uber Pass makes grocery delivery more affordable

The global pandemic has greatly increased the number of households that rely on apps such as Instacart to provide grocery delivery. Uber entered the game a bit late. Through its cooperation with Cornershop, it launched a grocery delivery service in a limited market in July 2020.

If you live in an area that offers this service, the Uber Ride Pass may make more sense, because a monthly subscription of $24.99 allows you to free shipping on all grocery orders at eligible stores. And remind you that even with free shipping, good customers and people will give tips.

4. Uber Pass is associated with Uber Eats

Many people who are fully vaccinated are returning to their pre-pandemic habits, but whether you are at home before COVID-19 or not sure whether you want to return to the outside world, Uber Eats is a good solution. Program.

But as someone who has placed a lot of Uber Eats orders (…and Door Dash orders…and Grubhub orders…), I can prove how much more expensive it is to deliver meals than to pick them up. (And remind you absolutely should Tip your food delivery driver, no matter which app you choose! )

Fortunately, Uber Pass can provide you with free shipping for all eligible restaurant orders. In fact, Uber has reached an agreement with select restaurants to save 5% on the orders of Uber Ride Pass members.

Should I get an Uber pass?

Uber Pass subscription can bring you many benefits, but for most ordinary Uber users, it may not be worth paying the monthly fee.

However, if you don’t have a car and rely on Uber for daily tasks such as groceries (whether you buy them in person or deliver them), visit a doctor, and spend the night in town, then this may be a worthwhile investment.

View your account history in the Uber app. If your usage drops during the pandemic, please analyze your usage in 2019. Do you make an average of $250 more per month? If so, you should consider subscribing to Uber Ride Pass. If not, it may make sense to try to save money in other ways, such as carpooling or public transportation.

Expert tips

You can save money on Uber by using UberPool, where you can travel to shared destinations or take similar routes with strangers. Remember to wear a mask.

If you sign up for Uber Pass and determine that it is not worth $24.99, Uber can let you cancel at any time; you will not be locked in the contract.

How do I get an Uber pass?

Obtaining an Uber pass is easy. Just open the Uber app on your phone, click the menu button in the upper left corner, and then click Uber Pass to start using. The ride-sharing company will automatically charge a fee from the credit card you recorded in the Uber app.

Usually, Uber conducts some kind of promotion for Ride Pass. For example, Uber currently provides me with one week of free service.But because I might use Uber every other month, I think I will after.

Uber Pass and Uber Rewards

You may have heard of Uber Rewards, which is a loyalty program with its own benefits, but it is important to note that this is different from Uber Pass.

Unlike Uber Pass, Uber Rewards is free to join. Open the Uber app to get started; you will find the Uber Rewards link directly above the Uber Pass.

There are four levels of Uber rewards. You can upgrade with more and longer rides.

For every dollar you spend on UberPool, Express Pool, or Uber Eats, you get one point; for UberX, UberXL, Uber Green, Uber WAV/Assist, Uber Comfort, Uber Connect, Uber Pet, and Uber Select For every dollar you earn, you will get two points. For every dollar you spend on Uber Black and Uber Black SUVs, you will get three points.

Uber reward levels

  • blue: From 0 to 499 points, you are considered a blue member. There are no real benefits at this level.
  • Gold: From 500 to 2,499 points, you are considered a gold member. You will get priority support and flexible cancellation.
  • platinum: From 2,500 to 7,499 points, you are considered a platinum member. You will get all the privileges of Gold, plus bonus points for your favorite route (when you choose a specific route, you can earn 10 bonus points per dollar, such as weekly commute to the grocery store) and priority airport transfers.
  • diamond: With 7,500 points, you will become a diamond member. On Uber Eats, you will get all the benefits of the Platinum level, as well as premium support, highly rated drivers, premium ride points and double points. Uber also promised free upgrades.

Why has Uber become so expensive?

Although the unemployment rate has fallen from a dangerous 14.8% at the beginning of the pandemic (the largest record in US history), companies in all walks of life around the world still face a shortage of workers.

Last year, people were trapped at home, wondering if Carole Baskin fed her husband to the tiger. But this year, fully vaccinated people are returning to their lifestyles, ready to enjoy food, spirits and return home safely.

Research firm Rakuten Intelligence recently reported that in April 2021, Uber’s ride costs soared 37% year-on-year. May was even worse, an increase of 40%.

The only problem? The ongoing staff shortage means that companies are not ready to meet demand, from fast food chains to amusement parks to ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft.

This surprised Uber customers, who might have been accustomed to fast pick-ups and low fares before the pandemic. Now, customers everywhere are facing longer waiting times and higher Uber ride prices.

For urban residents who frequently use Uber, this can become difficult to manage. The same goes for people who use Uber to get them home safely from parties or bars.

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