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If you own a Samsung Galaxy device, there’s a strong probability that your device supports Samsung Pay, the company’s mobile payment and digital wallet service. Using Samsung Pay, you can leave your credit and debit cards — even your loyalty cards — in your purse, bag or wallet. Simply tap your smartphone or watch to a payment terminal and, tada, you’ve paid.

Samsung has been offering its mobile payment solution since 2015, so even if you’re carrying around an older Galaxy smartphonethere is a strong chance that you have the feature all ready to go.

What Is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay launched in 2015 with one of the first smartphones to support the mobile payment and digital wallet being the Galaxy S6. Similar to offerings such as Apple Pay and Google PaySamsung Pay allows users to tap a smartphone or watch at supported payment terminals to pay for purchases.

Samsung Pay uses the same technology as other contactless payment solutions, known as NFC (near field communication) to communicate with supported terminals. Prior to the Galaxy S21, many Samsung smartphones also supported MST (magnetic secure transmission), which allows contactless pay at terminals that don’t normally support the function. That technology has since been dropped though.

NFC allows two devices to communicate wirelessly when in close proximity. It’s similar to RFID (radio frequency identification) tech, which is used with library books, passports and more.

The Samsung Pay app on Android also allows users to keep track of loyalty cards, gift cards and vaccination passes from supported partners. The app gives users access to cash back rewards and other savings when shopping, too.

Is Samsung Pay Safe?

Samsung Pay is backed by Samsung’s security platform, Samsung Knoxwhich is a proprietary security and management framework for smartphone data security. All of that complicated information simply means that your financial information is safely…

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