The 10 Best Job Interview Questions to Ask in 2022


It’s the night before your big job interview. You’ve done your due diligence researching the company, the position and the people conducting the interview. You’re ready.

But how will you respond when the hiring manager asks, “Do you have any questions for me?”

This part of the job interview is a fantastic opportunity to make a lasting impression that sets you apart from other candidates.

You should come up with four or five interview questions to ask. This way, if one or two of your interview questions are addressed earlier in the conversation, you still have a few backups ready to go.

It’s also important to choose interview questions that are most relevant to you, your interests and your specific job duties.

We asked hiring managers and recruiters for the best and worst questions to ask during the interview process.

Here’s what they told us.

The 10 Best Job Interview Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager

The cream of the crop: Hiring managers and recruiters say these are the most insightful interview questions you can ask.

They recommend any candidate incorporate these questions into their next interview.

1. “What are the company’s most important goals for the next year?”

Hiring managers want a job candidate who’s a good fit within the team. They want to determine if potential employees are committed to helping the company accomplish its goals.

Showing interest in the company’s future reflects well on potential candidates, says April Henry, an HR professional and director of workforce planning at Wycliffe Bible Translators.

“I like questions where I can tell the person is truly interested and starting to envision themselves in the role,” Henry says.

Jason Patel, founder of Transizion, a college assistance and mentorship company, adds: “What this question shows is that even though the person has not been hired, they will be invested in helping the company accomplish what it wants to get…


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