Live out your call (instead of being limited by lies)

What is preventing you from fulfilling your mission or doing what you have always dreamed of doing? Is it a lie you believe prevents you from facing your fear?

Maybe you think your dream is too big, too far away or too impossible? If so, I think this week’s Crystal Paine Show will inspire you.

I sat down and talked to Paul Angone, his husband, father of four, blogger, podcaster and author of many books-including his latest book, 25 lies that people in their twenties need to stop believing.

In this episode, we not only talk about how lies paralyzed us, but we also delve into Paul’s story, he sincerely shared how he found the courage and motivation to continue to do the next right thing and continue to take the next step- Even if it feels like it is not leading anywhere and he has been stuck in a dead end. His persistence and belief in what he shared (and has survived!) really inspired me-I think it will also inspire you!

Besides, I like the wisdom he expressed at the end of the episode about embarrassment. You don’t want to miss it!

In this episode:

[01:19] Learn more about Paul and why he is so keen to eliminate lies.

[04:09] How did he choose the 25 lies in the book?

[05:33] Learn more about the story he opened the book.

[07:57] What does he mean by saying that we must “fight for hope”?

[11:26] His advice to people who want to take the first step in change.

[14:38] How did he get to where he is today?

[18:57] Learn more about how he fights his lies.

[22:32] How can we help the next generation get rid of the belief in lies?

[26:04] An awkward moment is when the good in life happens.

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