How to Explain Your Reasons for Leaving a Job


How and why you leave a job matters, especially to a potential employer who’s considering hiring you. Good or bad, future employers will want to know your reasons for leaving a job or why you’re trying to do so.

How much your exit will matter to a potential employer largely hinges on what happened and how you frame it. Here’s how to properly frame common reasons for leaving a job so you can position yourself to land your next one — plus how you can leverage websites like ZipRecruiter to find that new job.

10 Good Reasons for Leaving a Job

Not all interviewers will pose questions about your reasons for leaving a job as an interrogation, but you don’t want to stumble over this question in a job interview. Even if they aren’t looking for red flags, they’ll still know them when they see them.

There are lots of good reasons to leave a job, many of which could actually strengthen your candidacy for a new job you’re applying for. Even if you have great reasons for wanting a career change, it’s still important to frame it correctly.

1. You Want More of a Challenge

Ambition is almost always a good thing at work. Employers want to hire people who won’t shy away from a challenge, but be prepared to support your ambitions with evidence proving that you’re capable of thriving under more difficult circumstances.

2. You Don’t Find the Work Meaningful

You don’t need to love what you do to be good at it. Employers get this, and they usually can at least empathize with employees wanting to find some measure of meaning or satisfaction in their role in the organization.

You’ll only help your case as an applicant for a job if you honestly believe you’ll find more meaning in a new job and you can convince your interviewers of that.

3. You Don’t Feel Valued

It’s one thing to feel like your ideas and efforts are undervalued. Sometimes we just need more time to prove ourselves at work, and other times our egos can rose-tint the…


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