How do I prepare lettuce for the salad of the week

If you Follow me in Instagram stories, You may know I have eaten a lot of salads. I like salads and usually eat at least one large salad a day.

To facilitate the preparation of salads, I usually wash and tear up the lettuce enough for a full week of salad at a time. In this way, I can take a handful of lettuce from the refrigerator, put them on the plate, put the salad ingredients I want to use on it, and eat.

When it takes only a few minutes to make a salad, it’s much easier to put a healthier diet first!

Here is how I prepare the lettuce so that it can be kept for at least 6-7 days and keep it fresh and crispy:

step 1: I usually buy a head of lettuce from Aldi or Kroger. I prefer red leaves, green leaves or Roman leaves.

Step 2: I put the head of lettuce in the strainer or strainer in the sink.

Step 3: I tore off the leaves and rinsed them.

the fourth step: I put the lettuce leaves on the rag on the kitchen counter.

Step 5: I pat the leaves dry with a towel/dishcloth.

Step 6: I tore off the leaves and put them in a bowl.

Step 7: I put a plate on the bowl and put it in the refrigerator. The whole process only took less than 10 minutes, and then I prepared lettuce and fresh salad all week!

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