5 Books I’ve Finished Recently

In 2022, I’m setting monthly reading goals and have the goal to finish at least one book each week. So far, I’ve mostly been able to stick with that!

Note: You can follow along with the books I finish this year and my star ratings over on GoodReads. Also, books are rated on a 1-5 star scale. I basically won’t finish a book if it’s one star (not worth my time!) and I’ll rarely give a book a 5-star rating unless it was just absolutely amazing or life-changing.

I’ve gotten a little behind in my monthly reading goals and ended up not setting any book goals for May and June since I was still working through April’s stack. I’m looking forward to setting goals for my reading for July. Look for that post soon!

Here are five books I finished recently:

What If It’s Wonderful?

I started this book and within a few pages, knew I wanted to have the author on the podcast (listen to the episode I did with her here). I didn’t expect a book about celebration would have me uncovering such unexpected things I need to process through in my life.

In this book, Nicole shares her story of having five miscarriages and how those struggles caused her to stop hoping and just constantly live in fear and dread of the unknown. She shares candidly what it looked like to lose hope and feel so overwhelmed with discouragement. She then shares practical suggestions for how to pursue joy and find the courage to hope again.

Whether you are in a dark pit of despair right now or just would love to experience more joy and celebration and hope in your life, I think this book will really encourage you!

Verdict: 4 stars

Forever Boy

Any time I can read a book that will better help me understand what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes, I want to read it. This book is the very honest story of one mother’s…

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