2021 Amazon Prime Membership Day is coming soon! !


Amazon Prime Membership Day in 2021 has been announced and will be officially held from June 21st to 22nd!

Amazon Prime Membership Day 2021

Amazon Prime Membership Day It has been officially announced and confirmed for 2021!

This year will be again Offer for two full days — Run from 12 AM Pacific Time on Monday, October 21 to 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Tuesday, October 22.

As usual, Amazon promises that these deals are as good as or even better than the Black Friday deals!So get ready Two-day crazy discount And have a chance to start some early Christmas shopping! !

Prime members will be able to get exclusive discounts on electronic products, toys, video games, movies, clothing, courtyards, lawns and gardens, sports, outdoor products, etc. They will even get a lot of extra discounts before the Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Member Day Offer

We are here for two days and all day!

Our team will work hard all day, looking for deals and posting the best deals we found!

Therefore, be sure to listen to all the best Prime Day offers at MoneySavingMom!

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Main box at the door

Not an Amazon Prime member?

If you are not Amazon Prime member, Now is a good time to sign up Amazon Prime 30-day free trial This way you can enjoy all Prime Day benefits!

(Hint: If you don’t want to pay for Prime, you can cancel completely after the free trial period ends-so you can enjoy the Prime Day discount!)

Amazon Prime Membership Day 2021

How to get rewards for Amazon gift card consumption!

resulting in Golden day, You can get rewards from Amazon gift cards in many different ways to maximize savings!

1. Earn $10 points in advance — You can catch Spend an additional $10 on Prime Day If you Order a select Amazon gift card worth $40It’s now!just Go here and follow the instructions Make sure you have a $10 credit line in your account when the Prime Day comes!

2. Register with ShopkickRegister Shopkick And get 50 kicks before the Prime Day, you will be able to get Free $5 Amazon gift card!

3. Register for Swagbucks — Super easy Earn enough money In exchange for a gift card ranging from $5 to $10! Even if there is no recommendation, you still have plenty of time before Prime Membership Day. I only spent an hour or two doing some activities this week, which is enough to buy a $10 gift card! Go here to start using Swagbucks.

Hush! Find more ways to earn Amazon gift cards here.

Target trading days

Amazon’s competitors will also have discounts!

In the past few years, in order to contend Amazon Prime Day, Wal-Mart and Target both have deals on Prime Membership Day, competing with Amazon’s deals.

We have also seen many other stores also carry out a lot of promotions!

The goal has just officially announced that they will do their Target trading days It’s here again this year! We are still waiting for Wal-Mart’s official announcement. (We will update this article as soon as we hear any news!)

Get ready to save some huge expenses! !

Are you excited Amazon Prime Membership Day? Let us know in the comments!


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