Finance Essay Writing: How Does the Paper Differ from Others

An essay writing can be in various forms. The form doesn’t change the attribute of a good essay or the type of essay (descriptive, persuasive, expository, etc.) to be written, but it affects the structure of the essay to be presented. Writing an essay for a biological purpose will have a different structure from that for a technological purpose. All these contribute to the various forms of an essay. The form to which an essay is written is determined by the topic field of the essay writing. For this article, we will be looking at major differences in essay writing for two fields of study; finance and biology, while mentioning technology and academia.

What is essay writing

Wikipedia (2018) defines essay writing in general as a piece of writing, which portrays an author’s thought or point of view. An essay is any piece of writing, which is constructed for a particular purpose, and must be unique to the author(s) alone. It may be descriptive, comparison and contrast, persuasive, argumentative, expository or narrative. Examples of essays are academic writing, content writing, political manifestos, observation of daily life, recollection, literary criticism and so on. To produce a good essay writing, it must possess certain features and attributes.

Attributes of a good essay

  1. A good essay should have focus. It should drive home a clear central idea, even while having various paragraphs.
  2. A good essay should be developed. It should be able to support and expand the central idea of the paper. Each paragraph should explain its idea with illustrations and details.
  3. A good essay should have unity. Every paragraph within the essay must be relating its idea to the central idea of the paper as well as to other paragraphs.
  4. A good essay should be coherent. It should be organized logically, stick together and flow smoothly. It should make meaning to its readers.

Different forms of essay writing

Writing an essay on a particular topic has to do with research on the field to which the topic is coined from. For instance, if you are to write an essay on a particular kind of disease, then the essay should be related to biology, and for a new technology, it should be streamlined towards technology and for monetary topics, finance should be the scope of the essay. Understanding various topic fields will go a long way in helping students produce the best essay writing.

Financial essay writing

The financial essay writing has to do with essay writing to make issues on finance. It shows a student’s skill in managing finance as well as dealing with financial concerns.

  1. For the introduction, the student is expected to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of financial theories. The impact of their topic on financial situations nationwide and worldwide, as well as the methods to be employed and the goals to be achieved by the topic.
  2. Next is the body of the financial essay. The main information of the topic is presented in the body of the essay, and for a financial topic, the student is expected to provide proven facts, formulas, data, and statistics in order to determine the outcomes. Also, legal or ethical issues should be related within the context of the writing, as financial textbooks and other financial related sources should be consulted by the student to help in constructing a well-organized financial essay body. Not leaving behind the fact that for a financial essay body, comparing the analysis of financial trend and global tendencies within a stipulated period of time should be of utmost priority.
  3. The conclusion of a financial essay should summarize all arguments earlier mentioned as well as give the full evaluation of calculated results. Charts and detailed graphs should not be neglected as they will help support your calculations.

Biology essay writing

A biological essay writing discusses synthesis and findings on a particular subject. It shows a student’s skill in understanding forms of life, which includes plants and animals in the ecosystem as well as components of nature.

  1. For the introduction, the student is expected to illustrate what is being argued in the essay, how the focus of the research was reached and what might be reviewed in the study, as it determines whether the reader will continue with the essay or not.
  2. The body of a biological essay writing has to be detailed to illustrate many features of the said topic. Well labeled diagrams of research findings should be included in the body of the essay as well as sources, the method used and procedures. A separate paragraph is employed in order to discuss a separate point in a biological essay so as to ensure content clarity for readers.
  3. The conclusion of a biological essay is always firm and sums up the whole essay. It gives room for the writer to show engagement with the biological essay on personal grounds. It should reformat a new hypothesis as well as stating the significance of statistical tests done.

How does financial essay writing differ from others?

Looking at the structure of the two examples given above, one can understand that writing an essay for a particular field of study requires an understanding of the field. For the introduction, we can see that the financial essay writing will require financial theories, as well as relating to financial situations globally, while for the biological essay, just the focus of the research is needed and how it will be carried out. Also for the body of the different forms of essay writing, we can see that financial essay requires formulas and calculations to determine the outcome of the writing, while for a biological writing, field works and research is presented to determine the outcome of the writing. Going to the conclusion, the financial report can be concluded with charts and schematic diagrams to relate financial terms, while for the biological essay, a hypothesis is drawn to explain the result of the research work. Looking at these differences, and comparing with other forms of essay writing such as those for technological purpose as well as academic purpose, you can see that there are differences in the structure of the essay to be produced, due to differences in the field of study.

In conclusion, an essay writing being a representation of an author’s point of view concerning a particular topic, need to be written in line with the field of the topic. All in all, writing a custom finance essay requires figures and formulas, and technological essay requires technological findings as well as biological essay requires a hypothesis. All these do not change the attribute of a good essay nor the type of essay to be produced, but the form to which the essay is presented is altered to suit the kind of audience it addresses. A finance essay writing differs from others because of the audience it addresses, and the tone of language to be used as well as expression of content should suit the audience.

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