Empowr to make the marketplace moderation process quick and efficient


Empowr recently updated their marketplace moderation process and according to the report, every listing will be moderated in 24 hours. Also, users have the opportunity to communicate directly with your Success Coach about why your listings are approved or rejected as they are moderated.

There are some guidelines are there to get listed in the Empowr marketplace. The most listings get rejected due to many reasons like Dietary supplements and medicinal items, affiliate marketing links, animals and wildlife products, adult content, software and delivery charge is greater than the actual product cost.


Since this frustrated many users, now Empowr offers an opportunity for you to communicate directly with your Success Coach after all moderations to resolve any confusion that you may have.

If nine out of ten listings were approved, then there is a high chance of next listing getting published instantly as per the report at Empowr blog post.

About Empowr: Empowr is a kind of social media website like Facebook, Google Plus etc. which offers you to earn money just by completing simple tasks like commenting on posts, sharing posts, liking posts etc. Unlike in other social media sites like Facebook, here you are free to share almost everything, even your affiliate links.

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