Empowr introduced a new feature – Success Coach


Empowr has already increased their success coach team by 600% in the past few months and they are also working on adding new success coach every day. They have launched a feature on focusing on improving the Success Coach program in order to provide the best service possible to every empowr citizen.

Success Coaches only earn when their students earn. And they can earn additional bonuses based on the 1) quality and 2) speed of their responses to their students, as well as how 3) successful and 4) happy their students are.

Empowr Success Coaches are responsible for answering your questions and helping you succeed, of course. But they’re also responsible for moderating your marketplace listings, approving your ads and moderating your disputes, along with many other duties behind the scenes to help the empowr economy succeed.


In order to tackle the challenge of too many students per coach, we’ve lowered the number of students that anyone Success Coach has by distributing empowr citizens to the Success Coach that are geographically closest to them.

By having a Success Coach that lives close to you, they can help you faster because you may be in the same time zone. They are also more likely to understand some of the issues that other citizens are facing near you, information that may be useful for you.

Also, in the future, you might meet them in person and build a deeper relationship.

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