Earn Free Bitcoin using Earn.com Online Surveys, Answering Messages, Airdrops

Earn Free Bitcoin

Earn Free Bitcoin: BTC (Bitcoin) is already claimed as digital gold by many people in the world. There are many ways to earn bitcoin for free by mining, promoting affiliate offers like Peerfly as they pay to their affiliates via Bitcoin. These methods take a lot of time, for Bitcoin mining you still need to invest on buying powerful hardware components and need a hell lot of electricity. So that’s not an easy way to earn bitcoins. Coming to CPA offers like Peerfly, you still need to invest your time in selecting and promoting good products which are not so easy to do. But we have some other ideas to earn free bitcoins online.

Get your Free Bitcoin

Earn.com is a website that gives two-minute survey like tasks, and airdrop news in which you can participate with your ETH wallet address and get paid every day by Bitcoin. For every task, they will give at least $1 worth of Bitcoin and you will receive as many tasks as possible depending on your Earn.com profile. Almost all the new ICO companies now start their journey from Earn.com, you need to fill your profile with your ETH address, Telegram username, and those companies invite you to participate in their free Airdrop. All you need to do is, just complete entering three fields like your ETH address (MyEtherNet Address or Exodus Wallet ETH address works fine), Join their telegram group and enter your primary email id. That’s all, for this they will pay you $1 worth of Bitcoin in your Earn.com profile and they will also add airdrop to your ETH address when it is live.

Earn Free Bitcoin

We have personally tested this and made more than $30 and free airdrop spending just a few minutes every day. If you are a housewife, college or school student looking for some easy way to earn bitcoin online, then this one is for you as you no need any initial investment and no need to spend more time, it hardly takes a minute to complete a survey, $1 for a minute is really worth. If you have a compelling profile, of course, you will get like 5 to 7 tasks per day which take just 10 minutes a day to get your free bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies via airdrops.

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