Differio Menswear Anticipates Major Expansion Plans Outside New York


It’s not unusual for Differio to unload international shipments of embroidered skinny jeans and sequined tank tops – exclusively designed for men. Based in the hub of New York, their warehouse is stocked with the kind of contemporary men’s clothing that you’d only catch magazine editors wearing during New York Fashion Week. In other words, they’re filling a tall order of what the average man was missing in his closet for decades: fashion-forward menswear that’s easily accessible and affordable.

While some might write them off as just another online store for men’s clothing, Differio is more than a revenue-driven machine powering out boxes of fashion goods. They’re building a name for themselves as an online, multi-brand mecca for menswear, accommodating men with a cool balance of relevant, trendy items that still bring something unique to the table.


Currently outperforming womenswear, the demand for trendy menswear is at an all-time high, which also means big expansion plans for Differio. As their annual sales growth continues to escalate, they’re in need of more warehouse space to fulfill orders, which is currently being used at full capacity. They’re reportedly considering international warehouse sites located in Europe, Latin America and the Arab Gulf, which won’t be confirmed until operations management has finished evaluating their supply chain performance.

Furthermore, it’s not surprising that today’s New York-based businesses are seeking out further opportunities overseas. Manhattan is already experiencing what The New York Times is describing as a “plague” of empty storefronts, an issue that’s primarily affecting brick-and-mortar stores. Unlike multichannel retailers, like Zara and Forever 21, that need to focus on improving both online and in-store shopping experiences, Differio is disrupting this retail structure by focusing all efforts exclusively on ecommerce.

As far as disrupting menswear goes, it’s not just about shaking up traditional business structure. Launched about a year ago, Differio was one of the first to streamline men’s makeup as another form of grooming, venturing into male skincare and cosmetic lines before their competitors started acquiring the same brands and marketing strategies. They’re also broadening their collection of men’s designer shoes, with talks of partnering with some of the most popular European brands that haven’t quite spread in the U.S. yet.

Jimmy Chrabieh, Differio CEO, explains how “ecommerce is really a learning game for every player involved, regardless of whether they’ve been in this business for five decades or five years, as we’ve already seen bankruptcy filed by some of the most seasoned U.S. retailers. You could even call it ‘trendy’ that small-scale businesses are gaining more momentum than their big-name competitors. It reinforces that silver lining in today’s economy that the American dream is still very real and very alive.”

While some retailers might feel threatened by this “Amazon effect” that’s shutting down brick-and-mortar stores, this multi-product provider still hasn’t cracked the code to merchandising stylish menswear that draws a loyal following the way Differio is captivating its customer base.

Dany Matar, Chief Financial Officer of Differio, speculates that the expansion plan will allow Differio to offer even lower prices without sacrificing the quality and integrity of their goods. For capital investment firms, this spells out an attractive investment opportunity in men’s fashion.

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