Cryptocurrency Going Down, What should you Do now?


Cryptocurrency Going Down: Crypto charts I see as same as how I used to see charts for my shares from 2006 through 2012, post that I stepped into something else. Technically, the charts speak a lot to me and when the time comes, reasons automatically flows in, news automatically comes in and whatever the judgment the charts used to showcase me, that happened ever.

I used the same logic in BTC and ripple charts and I was believing it to fall by 40% to 50% or a bit more, and it did happen.

Cryptocurrency Going Down

My 2cents here are: If you are afraid right now, don’t be. If you had firm belief of buying anything at a reduced price when that price has come, buy it. If you not comfortable with price fall, still buy it but in smaller denominations. This is only when if you (like me) planning on buying for long term like 4 to 8 years horizon.


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