CryptoCurrency Crash – The market is facing the hugest corrections ever

Crypto Crash

Crypto Crash: Let’s keep watching. Like I always tell us, this jungle is for the die-hard and not the feeble-minded, If you were among those FOMOed into BTC at $20,000, your investment would have dropped by more than 50% now that BTC is hovering around $9000. And before you hang on to your ceiling fan or tree trying to hang yourself, you should realize the huge differentials between CRYPTO and regular STOCK MARKET.

The highest we ever saw as market capitalization for Cryptocurrencies on CMC was around $850 billion sometimes this early January 2018 and everyone was marvelled then The craze and mad rush into Cryptocurrency is still very much small when compared to her sister market, the regular stock market sitting close to $100 trillion.

Now let’s delve deeper into this Crypto jungle and see exactly what are the factors militating against its breakout growth. But before we do that, the expectations for a market cap for Cryptos in 2018 is expected to romance the $2 trillion cap.

Crypto Crash

At least one of the most notable figures in the Blockchain world Mike Novogratz forecasted this, And just FYI he even saw the possible dip of BTC from $19k to around $9k. If we are gonna crown him with a title, it should be the “Crypto Prophet”. The unprecedented rise in the market cap in 2017 was phenomenal and 2018 will not be positively different.
Some of the projects being infused with the blockchain technology is going to really usher in a paradigm shift in the way businesses are conducted globally like the internet revolutionized quite a lot.

Now, in this analysis, I am looking at a rock solid projects that are earth shaken in ideas.
Never forget that most US and China citizens are presently barred from participating in ICOs hence some of the airdrops modus operandi we see when some very interesting projects are about to be unleashed into the Cryptospace.

Polymath is coming into the scene with a major breakthrough to usher in a platform where companies can float securities and offer their ICOs, I call this the real cryptocurrency stock exchange This is a major and welcome development as we will see the unprecedented influx of companies that are very well known coming in to grab their own share of the ICO abracadabra Remember when I mentioned to you guys about the co-founder of XRP who became the richest man in the world but not long lived due to the volatility of the system.
Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon has grabbed that position from him not too long. And what’s the price of XRP today? It’s less than $1 from $3.27 all time high it went I remember telling us here that buying XRP at $3 or even $2 is not at all cheap considering it supply

But many saw it as the next Bitcoin and FOMOed into it.
The road is still very much unexplored though…
The target for this year is at least a market capitalization of not less than $2 trillion and if this happens, no way the Cryptoeconomy would remain badly battered like it’s receiving today. Now what are the factors militating against the rise of the Cryptoeconomy? I will give this to us so that we know the clog in the wheel of crypto progress.

  • The mainstream enemies remain the Wallstreet “bitches” who are already outliving their existence.
  • Market manipulation by agents of Central government to discredit this movement and make the public cower back to the largest and most successful Ponzi scheme that has refused to die – Fiat Currency with its base as the USD.
  • The incubation stage of this economy as most new entrants are still being panic controlled by any slight news.
  • Concentration risks making very few people control a large share of the market in this Cryptoeconomy

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