Celebrity Photographer Rodney Torres – The Rising Name In The Photography Scene in Manila

Karen Gallman and Ian Garton Engagement Photos

Since 2017, the rising name in the photography scene,  Rodney Torres,  has been making a mark in Manila. Since then, Rodney had already taken photographs of some of the celebrities in the country. In a short time, Rodney has showcased his skills to a growing numper of people. He’s taken photos of celebrities like Yohan Hwang, Guji Lorenzana, Donnalyn Bartolome, Meg Imperial, Michelle Gumabao, Ryza Cenon, Marco Gumabao, and Louise Delos Reyes, to name a few.

Just recently, Rodney Torres was able to capture the beautiful engagement announcement of Ian Garton to Karen Gallman. Gallman is the reigning  Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2018.  Rodney was able to use his talents to capture the wonderful images of the lovely couple.

Right after the ground-breaking engagement photo shoot, Rodney was commissioned by the VIVA Artists Agency and VIVA Films to take the publicity images, and photos that will be used for the official movie poster of the film, “Jacqueline Comes Home.” This highly controversial movie was based on the real-life story of murder and rape case of the Chiong Sisters of Cebu City. The crime happened several years ago on July 16, 1997. The movie has currently experienced many heated exchanges between netizens because many believe that incorrect information was utilized in the film. People were judging the movie even if the movie was not shown in theaters yet.

Donnalyn Bartolome publicity photo for Jacqueline Comes Home
Donnalyn Bartolome publicity photo for Jacqueline Comes Home
Meg Imperial publicity photo for Jacqueline Comes Home
Meg Imperial publicity photo for Jacqueline Comes Home
Karen Gallman and Ian Garton Engagement Photos
Karen Gallman and Ian Garton Engagement Photos

Rodney Torres specializes in high impact dramatic cinematic portraits. His work are influenced by other professional photographers like Joel Grimes, John Keatley, Chris Knight, Dan Winters and Annie Leibovitz.

His Conceptual Creations

The capability to tell a story through photos drives Rodney’s creative edge. Using images to bring a conceptual concept into a tangible reality fascinates him as a photographer. Editorial photography is a strong tool and reference point to any story worth sharing with the whole world.

Working with others to convey an artistic idea which offers insight and connects an artist to his audience enables adventure and growth to flourish.

His passion towards editorial photography extends beyond words and connects the viewer to others in various creative ways. The objective then becomes the procedure of creation; the outcome of fluid exchanges and ideas. Rodney is always available for this process in different ways. Starting from capturing a photo, to photo retouching current imagery, or building sets in a studio or shooting on location, the thrill of making something new via an editorial medium will endure in his photographs.

Photography, for all purposes and intents, is a form of art. Thus, it needs a creative and imaginative mind. Rodney Torres is able  to look at something ordinary, or even astonishing. He finds a million different ways to interpret what he is seeing and convey such interpretations in meaningful and beautiful photos.

Apart from that, Rodney has a very keen eye for detail. That’s to make sure every element within his photos – the subject, the composition, the lighting and everything else in the middle – work together pleasantly to convey the ideal message or vision.

As a photographer, no matter how much he tries to control each variable, stuff won’t go his way at times. There will be moments when the lighting won’t cooperate. There are also times when the models will be difficult or when the camera won’t give him the desired results. Of course, there will be cases when he takes hundreds of photos just to achieve one perfect image.

What sets Rodney apart from the rest? It’s passion. He is certain that if his passionate about what he does, it will shine through in his work. It takes a lot of effort and time to make it as a professional photographer. However, he was able to make a name for himself because he’s truly passionate about his craft.

With lots of talents to show the world, Rodney prefers to continue to utilize his abilities and one-of-a-kind vision to bring innovation and notoriety to the market.

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