How to buy Ripple in USA, UK, India, UAE, Australia & Other Countries – Complete Guide for Newbies

How to Buy Ripple

How to Buy Ripple: The Ripple (XRP) is becoming popular day-by-day due to their real use case, collaboration with major banks in the world. It is attracting the new investors as the price of the coin is increasing and stable when Bitcoin and all the altcoins went downwards last week. The Ripple coin has given great returns to the early investors, a month ago people purchased the ripple for a few cents between $0.15 to $0.25 and today the price boomed to $1.35.

How to Buy Ripple

The major success of this price is, people actually believe in the Ripple technology and the real case projects. The coin is available at affordable price range whereas Bitcoin is not affordable for everyone. The transaction fee and time of Ripple is another great advantage of the coin. Ripple charges just 0.15 Ripple for any transactions and most of the time, the transaction will be completed in a few minutes whereas BTC takes few hours to complete the transaction with a higher fee.

Buy Ripple for Just $1.15

How to Buy Ripple (Easy Steps)

To purchase all ripple, all you need is an Account in Coinbase and an Account in the Binance. The Coinbase is the website where you purchase BTC or ETH and Binance is the website where you purchase Ripple for the best and the lowest price online.

  • Visit Coinbase and create your account. You can instantly deposit your funds and purchase Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). I prefer ETH as they are faster and lower in fee than BTC. Always go with good initial investment to save fees. My suggestion is to go with $500 at least to get started.
  • Visit Binance and create your account. This is one of the best and top crypto trading portal with low fee.
  • In Binance go to the Deposit area, click on the Deposit¬†option for ETH. It will generate an address for you.
  • Copy that address and send ETH to that address from Coinbase. Now ETH transaction will be complete in a few minutes.
  • Once ETH is received in Binance from Coinbase, you can go to Exchange -> Basic and click on the ETH tab.
  • Select XRP/ETH (ripple) and you can select amount of Ripple you need and click on the Buy button.


Where to Store Ripple (XRP) Coins?

It is best to store ripple in Hardware wallet than trading portal or any other exchanges. The best hardware wallet to store Ripple in our opinion is Ledger Nano S. You can order online which will be delivered in a week. If you have any questions, use the chat box in the left corner to clarify your doubts, we are always happy to help.

Buy Ledger Nano S

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