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IOTA Latest News: For the past 2 days, IOTA has been booming like never before in the Crypto era. After the collaboration of Microsoft, the IOTA coins prices are increasing day-by-day and investors are claiming this IOTA is going to be next Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency. As of 5th December, the price of IOTA is $2.70 and this went to $3.05 on 4th December.

Investors started targeting this coin and many people got confused on how to purchase IOTA coins. People from US, UK, and many other countries see it very difficult to purchase IOTA coins online, even though they have dollars, they are not able to spend it directly to invest on IOTA (aka) MIOTA coins. The investors need to buy Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Binanace (BNB) in order to purchase IOTA coins. Here we will give you step by step guide on how to buy IOTA coins from any countries.

Binance – Buy IOTA Coins for BTC

How to Buy IOTA Coins

To purchase IOTA coins, as we said earlier, you need to have Bitcoins, Ethreum or any other top crypto coins. It is better to buy Bitcoins or Ethereum in the market and then you can easily invest it in to purchase IOTA crypto coins.

  • Buy Bitcoins from websites like CoinBase, ZebPay, BlockChain (UnoCoin). Almost all these websites ask you to verify your account with your real identity. So signup and immediately upload your verification documents. I personally used BlockChain, they asked to send payment to their Bank via IMPS and I got my bitcoins in an hour via UnoCoin to my blockchain.
  • Once you receive your bitcoins, signup on Official crypto exchange website. This is one of the most popular websites for crypto trading. IOTA is only available on Binance and Bitfinex websites as this is a new coin. Click here to signup on Binance to buy IOTA coins for the best price.
  • Now go to the “Deposit Withdrawal” section and click on the Bitcoin (BTC) and it will show you a unique BTC address. Copy this and go back to your BlockChain and send amount of BTC you would like to transfer to Binance.
  • Once you complete the transaction, BTC will show up in your Binance account within an hour, yes it takes some time to complete the transaction.
  • Check your account after an hour and you will see BTC in your Binance account. Now click on the Exchange “Basic” and search for IOTA/BTC exchange.
  • Enter the amount of IOTA coins you would like to purchase and it will show total amount of BTC on the below column. Once you click on the “Buy” button, amount of IOTA will instantly get exchanged for your Bitcoins and you can check this on “Funds” -> “Deposit Withdrawal” option again to make sure you have purchased the coins.


Now you can wait for few days and sell for quick profit or HOLD it for long-term traffic.

If you have any questions, do comment below as I am here to help you 🙂

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