Value of Coworking space

Value of Coworking space

The latest player in the market that has proved to be a great addition to the office space ecosystem is coworking spaces. They are especially suited for freelancers, start-ups, independent professionals who work from home. In a coworking space it is just not about the real estate that is leased but the culture it fosters to encourage productivity and growth. They are invested in supporting innovation, productivity, networking and the overall growth of your business. 

They also offer a flexible work environment that supports professional’s varied work patterns and styles. For instance, coworking spaces are open and function for 24 hours and 7days of the week so that entrepreneurs and other professionals can walk in and get to work whenever they like. It does not restrict or burden professionals with strict timings, unlike traditional offices. An efficient coworking space can meet such distinct needs with its membership plans.

The values of a coworking space also determine its responsibility towards the user and the environment. Therefore, in a coworking space, value is indicative of the reciprocal benefits, inclusive and comfortable environments, and mutual goals. Coworking spaces are structured to promote their values and create an office space that inspires professionals to be successful says a Dallas realtor who uses a Dallas Coworking Space Venture X by Galleria for his office needs. 

Common Desk – The Future of Work

Coworking spaces have grown at a remarkable rate of 200% in the last five years. And the number of coworking members is estimated to rise to over 5 million by 2022 due to the massive increase in jobs offering remote working. The growth can be largely pinned on the greatly changing work patterns and styles of an individual.

The factors that contributed to productivity a few years ago do not hold in today’s environment. Coworking spaces have rightly moved into the position of traditional offices and are slowly carving out a big slice for themselves in the workspace sector. They have identified the requirements of today’s workforce and have harnessed resources to meet their needs and goals.

The article addresses the many factors that have changed in the economy like work design, flexibility, and the rising gig economy. These factors have been readily accepted by the coworking space which has led to their growth. The design of the workplace that encourages productivity and catering to the new generation of workforce that more likely to freelance to create their sources of opportunity and income have been discussed in detail.

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