U.S. announces plan to donate millions of new coronavirus vaccines to the world


The United States will donate millions of overdose Covid-19 vaccines from its inventory to countries around the world to help fight new pandemic outbreaks.

The Biden administration had previously pledged to donate 80 million doses, and on Thursday outlined how to distribute the first 25 million doses. According to the plan, South America, Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia will all receive millions of doses of vaccine.

US President Joe Biden said: “As we fight this virus together, the United States will become the world’s vaccine library. In the days to come, as we learn from the vaccine dose distribution experience announced today, we will provide more More detailed information on how to allocate future vaccine doses.”

According to the government’s plan, 19 million doses of vaccine will be distributed through the Covax program supported by the World Health Organization.

Of this, about 6 million will be shipped to South and Central America, 7 million will be shipped to Asia, and 5 million will be shipped to Africa. Another 6 million US dollars will flow to America’s neighbors and allies, including Mexico, Canada, and South Korea.

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