The crumpled Boris, Macron’s mistakes, and other G7 tailoring mistakes

After decades of softening dress codes and 16 months of pandemic, there is still at least one place where men must wear suits in summer: the G7 Summit. Leading the free world is considered serious for at least some time.

I regret to note that the future of the lawsuit was not on the agenda at the meeting last week. Presumably this topic has been put aside by climate change or tax fairness, which reflects the failure to prioritize international cooperation. So, let me write a memorandum on the status of global diplomatic litigation.

Then, we turn to the now infamous family portrait of the group, where (as more than one wit pointed out) the leader of seven looks like Hungry Games Contestant, or Star Trek The crew waiting to be transported to the surface of the unsuspecting planet.

The oldest male power dress code still applies, and the two veterans on the platform, Joe Biden and Mario Draghi, abide by this rule. Men’s formal wear should be dark and completely matte. Therefore, it is not so much silky luster as light escaping from a black hole. This effect is pleasing to every body type and conveys moral seriousness.

French President Emmanuel Macron (right) wears a forbidding single-breasted suit with a pointed lapel © Neil Hall/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

(I’m sorry to see Biden leave his pocket handkerchief on the other side of the Atlantic. If he really manages to restore the world economy to the style of the 1970s inflation, Bringing back the white pocket handkerchief may be the only way for him to gain a positive legacy. )

The two young representatives, Emmanuel Macron of France and Charles Michel, President of the European Council, wore light gray wool suits, probably hoping for something more seasonal and modern. A mistake. Light gray suits, even if tailored appropriately, often look out of shape and bureaucratic. The only known exception is light gray flannel, which looks cute and soft, rather than invisible. I don’t know how it achieves this effect. Good wool flannel is magical.

Macron-his figure is usually pretty-wears a horribly pointed lapel single-breasted suit, exacerbating this error. Over the years, men have been trying this approach, hoping to make suits look modern. It didn’t work, it’s time to stop trying. Husbands, a French tailor, has as much work making suits as any brand knew Again, this style is not sold, except for evening wear. Get a hint from your countryman, Emanuel. A more united G7 will certainly send Macron a sternly worded memo on this topic, if it is not an official gazette.

Charles Michel, President of the European Council, dressed in bureaucratic gray © Reuters

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau looks beautiful in a perfectly tailored light blue © Getty Images

Michelle’s question is simpler. His suit doesn’t fit well. It was cut too tightly, causing the fabric around the chest to pull, which is characteristic of middle-aged men trying to wear a slim suit, and some rather unfortunately tied around the knees. In another photo, a group of people are sitting around the conference table, we see Michelle from the back, it seems to be shrunk and wrapped. Attention, politicians: a few square feet of cloth will not make you look old. It will make you look comfortable.

Justin Trudeau looks great in a perfectly tailored light blue. He always looks good, to the point of doubt.As I argued on behalf of bald people around the world, you really can’t believe a politician Whose hair is so good.

Angela Merkel in Germany exudes authority, while Boris Johnson in England conveys the feeling of a pupil rushing into the classroom 10 minutes late © Getty Images

Now, alas, we must turn to the center of the podium, Boris Johnson, who looks very strange even by his own chaotic standards. His trousers are too big, making him look a little knee, and it seems that he is about to fall. The jacket fits well, as if borrowed from an alcoholic uncle. His collar didn’t want to be on his chest, and a cuff stretched out irregularly.

This is a man who used a large bill originally paid by party donors to redecorate his apartment.Of course, some likable Conservative Party figures will change jobs. Anderson and Shepard? This will serve the country and the world.

There is a certain degree of gentlemanly demeanor, and it is good to wear good clothes that you wear carelessly. There is also something to say about the political power of inconspicuous or even unattractive clothes, which can convey the connection with ordinary voters and the concern for the things that really matter. I think Merkel’s plain dark trousers and monotonous, boxy suits succeeded at this point. She always exudes seriousness and authority, and her clothes are also very helpful.

But Johnson is far from finishing the English version of Italian despise, Conveying the feeling of a primary school student rushing into the classroom 10 minutes late, dragging the crumpled homework paper. The clothes are basically diplomatic. They show others that we have worked hard for them. What does Johnson’s laundry basket style try to tell the world?

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