Selecting The Wrong Name For Your Business Can Be Dangerous – Here’s Why

Name your Business

Your company name is the first element in creating a brand. In fact, in most cases, the name is the brand. So, you want to get the name right. Just choosing the first name that appeals to you might not work in the long run.

What’s In a Name?

A name is an identity you create for your business. So, you need to pay attention to the name you choose, the response it evokes, whether it is a name already in use, whether the name is too weird and so on. A wrong name can cause a lot of tangible harm.

A Long and Confusing Name

You may have found a name that relates to your business. It includes meaningful words that may also help in keyword searches. However, try to keep it simple and short. Having a long name that includes multiple words can be distracting. It can confuse potential customers about what your company actually offers. For instance, one of the words in your company name might lead people to think you are in another type of business altogether.

Choose a Name That Resonates with Your Business

If you are selling books, a name that includes books or read or a related term can be helpful. It clearly tells your customers what to expect when they visit your shop. A name like Go Daddy for a web hosting and domain name company might have been successful, but that is a rare case. An unrelated name can make potential customers choose some other company that offers a similar service or product.

Spell Your Name Correctly

You want to stand out. Choose a meaningful name but spell it differently. Written down, it might look good. When said aloud, it could cause confusion. Most people will search for the conventional spelling of the word. Think of Flickr, a photo-sharing website that is highly successful, but eventually had to buy the domain name because most people used that keyword in searches to find the service.

Avoid Weird Names Unless You Have a Lot of Marketing Funds

Names like Google and Yahoo sounded weird when these companies launched their business. However, they had the funds to market their names and services so that within a short time, these names became very familiar. In fact, Google has now become synonymous with doing web searches. However, unless you have the finds and resources these companies had, you should choose a safe normal name that people can relate to.

Lookout for Trademark Issues

Once you have chosen a name, check if that name has already been registered as a trademark. If you go ahead naming your company without completing this step, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to lawsuits and other issues. Your potential customers would also be confused about whether the name refers to the established company or a new one.

Name your Business

Choose a Name Which Helps You Get a .com Domain Name for Your Website

Once you have found a name that you like, do a search for the domain name with a .com extension. If the name is already being used by another company, think of another name. If the name is owned by a domain name reseller, try to purchase that name. If it is not taken, purchase it at once. Why focus on the .com extension? Because that is the default extension that most people look for when trying to locate your business online.

Choose a Name That You and Your Employees Both Like

The name of your business should also appeal to those who work for you. You may think it unconventional and funny to name your financial consultancy Money Monkeys, but your employees might not find it so funny. They will most probably be embarrassed every time they have to explain the name and the business to friends and strangers when asked where they work. Many of your prospective customers could also be put off by that name. Do Not Limit Yourself By Your Name

Remember, the aim of any business is to grow and expand. If you are running a nursery in a specific place, do not include that place in your name. Online shops provide you the opportunity to expand and sell to a wider base of customers. If your company and domain name indicate that you are limited to one single geographical region, it could affect your potential for growth.

Similarly, if you intend to widen your product or merchandise base, do not start out with a name that limits the business to a specific product. Don’t use books in your name if you plan to expand your business to other diverse merchandise. Think about Amazon, which started out as an online bookstore. Their name did not tie them down to selling books alone.

When choosing a name for your company, pay attention to various factors that could land you in trouble. Make sure that the name is not registered and in use by another business. Choose a name that will appeal to you, your customers and employees. Choose a name that is easy to read and say out loud. Don’t use misspelled words in your effort to stand out. Be creative, but at the same time, also keep it simple and meaningful.

When you are looking for a name for your company, there are many online name generators you can use. You can write down a few keywords that relate to your business and use a resource like to find alternate words you can use. Use name generators like or Business Name Generator is a tool that can give your business name ideas and also check domain names available for the name at the same time.

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