New York Entrepreneur Evan Melandro “The Biz” Creates Virus-Fighting Tools for Businesses

The coronavirus pandemic is generating a lot of problems all over the world. Many businesses have had to close to avoid spreading this disease. As a result, there are many economic problems both at a local and national, even international level. It’s important to find the right tools that will help us fight against viruses properly and ensure that we are healthy and away from any issues. That’s where Evan “The Biz” and his line of electrostatic sprayers come into play.

Who is Evan “The Biz” Melandro and why did he create electrostatic sprayers?

Evan is an entrepreneur that lives in New York. His main focus is to understand what people need and bring in unique, innovative products to fulfill all their requirements. Ever since the pandemic started, he wanted to find a way to help people protect themselves against this virus. Since better hygiene is the right thing to focus on at this time, Evan created a line of electrostatic sprayers that help remove any germs and bacteria from any surface.

The product is spraying an actively charged solution. It has 75% less chemicals, yet it still does a very good job at cleansing viruses and germs from any surface. As we mentioned earlier, it’s harder than ever to stay away from viruses, especially during a pandemic. Yet the use of these electrostatic sprayers might very well be the thing that helps stop bacteria fast and easy.

Are the electrostatic sprayers efficient?

Yes, these unique sprayers are designed to disinfect spaces up to 40,000 square feet in a single hour. Plus, the sprayers areportable, and that means you will not have to worry about any infections or problems that might arise. These are challenging times for our society, with thousands of businesses closing their doors. Evan brought this unique solution to the market and he managed to transform it into a multi-million-dollar business. The great thing is that it’s all about innovation, and it constantly pushes the boundaries in a powerful and immersive manner.

Using this type of product is essential right now, considering the unique challenges that humanity deals with right now. It’s more important than ever for entrepreneurs like Evan “The Biz” to step forward and bring in unique solutions that help people. While vaccinations are underway, the truth is that we still need an additional layer of protection. This unique solution is more than welcome.

Evan “The Biz” Melandro created the SaniPro business with the idea of assisting people and helping them stay safe during the pandemic. In doing so, he managed to create a multi-million-dollar business from the ground up in a few days. It’s a clear sign of his true focus on growth, his knowledge, and dedication. It’s important to note that all the innovation brought by Evan will help save thousands of lives, a critical thing to do. Especially during these challenging and demanding times!

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