Netanyahu’s rivals race to finalize a bid to oust him


Israel’s opposition leaders are caught in frantic last-hour negotiations to finalize a minority government, which may end Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year rule as the prime minister of the Jewish state.

This Unlikely allianceAcross the political spectrum—from the far-left Meretz Party to the ultra-nationalist Yamina, supported by the centrist Yesh Atid—has accumulated 57 in the 120-seat Knesset Seats. It also needs the support of the four-seat Islamic party Ra’am to cross the 61-seat threshold and form a government.

The self-proclaimed “change of government” must convince President Ruben Rivlin by Wednesday that they can win a vote in Parliament and replace Israel’s longest-serving prime minister.

Netanyahu’s position may be that of former Defense Secretary Naftali Bennett, who had only six seats in his party after a member who did not support the coalition left. Bennett may be prime minister with former TV host Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid, who brought the alliance together in weeks of behind-the-scenes negotiations.

Bennett, 49, who was Netanyahu’s chief of staff, assigned potential cabinet positions with Rapide on Sunday night, while right-wing protesters gathered around the homes of him and other Yamina leaders.

Bennett’s political partner and possible Attorney General Ayelet Shaked (Ayelet Shaked) received additional police protection after being threatened by the right, and Netanyahu referred to Amina as a Zionist cause The traitor, which triggered street protests.

Rapide said on Tuesday that continued threats of violence against Netanyahu’s rivals were the main reason for his dismissal as prime minister. He added that he, Bennett, Shackled, the attorney general and the prosecutor who prosecuted Netanyahu’s corruption, as well as several journalists, are all under the protection of the police.

“We are all threatened with violence and murder,” Rapid said at an opposition meeting, admitting that the alliance faces “many obstacles.” Rapide went on to say that if successful, then “it will be quieter and ministers will go to work without incitement. [hatred], Don’t lie, don’t try to instill fear all the time.”

Netanyahu called the opposition alliance a “scam of the century” and said it would make Israel weaker.

“What would [this government] What is the use of deterrence against Israel? How will we view our enemies,” he said on Sunday night. “What will they do in Iran and Gaza? What would they say in the government hall in Washington? “

Bennett is ideologically opposed to the establishment of a Palestinian state, having previously clashed with Netanyahu Strike Hamas harder, A radical organization that controls the Gaza Strip.

He lobbied Israel to annex large tracts of land in the occupied West Bank and supported the expansion of Jewish settlements deemed illegal by most of the international community.

Bennett vowed to stay on the right side of Netanyahu’s party Likud in a speech on Sunday night. “This is not a government that will abandon parts of Israel’s land,” he said, citing an area in the Bible that Israel controls but Palestinians seek homes.

At the same time, Netanyahu has stepped up efforts to strip a member of the coalition. If the Islamic Party continues to govern, the coalition will rule with a majority of one seat.

“Even in the left-wing opposition government that Rapide is creating, there are loyal Israelis,” said a person who knew the Netanyahu team called the opposition overnight. “They are realizing the danger to Israel [that this government poses]. “

Netanyahu’s attack on Bennett’s right-wing certificate put pressure on Ram’s leader, Mansour Abbas, to reconsider his established policy of supporting the Zionist government in exchange for the Israeli Muslim minority The material benefits of ethnic communities include providing more funds for police, hospitals and other citizens. Conveniences.

After four elections since April 2019 were deadlocked, Abbas tried to position himself as the king maker, and Abbas broke with other Arab parties in Israel. Although both Bennett and Netanyahu publicly brag about the marginalization of Palestinian citizens in Israel by right-wing policies, Abbas has remained silent.

“He needs to think twice,” said a lawmaker from a rival Arab party group that doesn’t want to join the coalition. “You replaced Netanyahu with Bennett. Do you think it’s good?”

If Bennett and Rapide successfully form an alliance, Parliament may vote for government seats in the middle of next week. If they fail, Israel will face a fifth election in more than two years.


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