Lopez Obrador loses two-thirds majority in Congress

Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) seems to lose a two-thirds majority in the lower house of the Mexican Congress in the midterm elections for constitutional reform. It is described as a referendum on its rule.

However, this is a positive development for the populist president, whose ruling Morena party claims to have almost swept the state governor election.

Lorenzo Córdova, chairman of the National Electoral Institute (INE), stated that official predictions indicate that Morena and its allies will occupy at least 58% of the 500-seat House of Representatives, or as much as 298 seats.

But the results look far from the numbers enjoyed by Morena and his allies during the first half of the six-year presidency.

“Because he didn’t get the result he wanted… it’s very possible [the president] Will try radicalization,” political commentator Jorge Zepeda Patterson told Milenio Televisión.

Mexicans voted for Sunday The biggest election In the country’s history, the entire House of Commons plus 15 of Mexico’s 32 state governors, and more than 20,000 local positions.

Morena’s leader, Mario Delgado, earlier praised his so-called “historic victory”, saying that Morena would sweep 12 of the 15 governorships already contested. Although multiple opposition candidates have claimed victory in several states, the official results of these competitions have not yet been determined.

According to INE’s predictions, Morena may end up with 190 to 203 seats in the House of Commons, which easily proves that it is the most popular party. Cordoba said its allies-the Green Party, the Workers’ Party and the PES-could get another 95 seats.

However, it is uncertain whether the PES party will pass the 3% threshold required to maintain its register; INE predicts that it will win zero to six seats. INE said that without PES, Morena, the Green Party, and the Workers’ Party might get 265 to 292 seats.

Before the election, Morena and his allies had 334 seats, and Morena alone had 256 seats.

The opposition organization Revolutionary Party (PRI), National Action Party (PAN) and Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) joined forces to form an opposition group. PAN leader Marko Cortés said the partnership successfully denied the “qualified majority of abuses of power in the past three years” of the ruling coalition.

“Most Mexicans want to correct the direction of this country,” he said.

Lopez Obrador said he is bringing profound changes to Mexico, eliminating corruption and improving the living standards of the poor, but he did not immediately comment on the results. Political analysts say he can challenge any unfavorable results.

INE election commissioner Ciro Murayama said that the expected results show that two-thirds of Mexicans do not support the ruling party.

According to INE, Movimiento Ciudadano did not join the opposition coalition of the Mexican bloc and received as many as 27 votes. However, even if it tries to play the role of king maker, its seats are not enough for the ruling coalition to obtain the 334 seats required by the constitutional majority.

Lopez Obrador has passed legislation to try to undo the energy sector constitutional reforms passed by his predecessor, but these laws are expected to face challenges in the Supreme Court.

The exchange rate of the peso to the U.S. dollar remained almost unchanged at approximately 19.90.

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