Joe Biden seeks voting rights to push against Republican ballot law


Joe Biden vowed to “go all out” to strengthen voting rights across the United States, because the President of the United States called for narrowing the racial gap between rich and poor and acknowledging historical injustices to black people in U.S. history during his visit to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Attacks from the community.

Biden delivered a speech in Greenwood on Tuesday. The Tulsa community was known as “Black Wall Street.” Before white mobs destroyed it in a two-day atrocities in 1921, this was one of the most extensive racial speeches since he became president. .

The White House tried to heal the racial wounds exposed by the escalation of the “Black People’s Life” protests in the United States a year ago, including adding policies to reduce racial inequality on its agenda.

But many Democrats agree that their most pressing concern is that Republicans are trying to limit voting rights in many of the U.S. states they control, including Georgia, Florida, and Texas. Critics view this as a campaign to restrict black and Hispanic participation in elections.

On Sunday, Texas Democrats held a late-night strike in the state House of Representatives to prevent a bill from being passed. Restricted votingBiden has severely criticized the legislation as “not meeting American standards,” while National Party Chairman Jaime Harrison called it “Jim Crow 2.0”, referring to discriminatory laws and policies that once prevailed in southern states. system.

However, it is expected that Texas Republicans will once again promote the election reform bill at a special meeting of their state legislature to keep the struggle alive.

in a National level, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would crack down on state-level voting restrictions. But it stagnated in the Senate, and Biden’s party did not have the absolute majority required to advance it in accordance with the rules of the House of Lords.

In his Tulsa speech, Biden called on Congress to carry out “one-month action” on voting rights, invited Vice President Kamala Harris to reach an agreement, and made an understated criticism of two moderate Democrats. Accuse them of jeopardizing his agenda.

The president said: “I will do my best to use all the tools I can use.”

As Republicans dared to impose voting restrictions, Biden faced pressure from many in the party to change Senate rules to allow Democrats to pass national voting reforms without Republican support.

The Greenwood attack 100 years ago killed 300 blacks and left thousands homeless. During his visit, Biden met with community leaders and Holocaust survivors, and recalled the horror that night.

He urged Americans to learn the “good” and “bad” of their history. “This is what great nations did. They accepted their dark side,” he said.

The White House has promoted new measures to curb the racial wealth gap in the United States, including combating discrimination in housing evaluations and providing $100 billion in federal contracts for small businesses in disadvantaged communities.

As part of its 2.3 tons Infrastructure planIn addition, the White House has also spent $15 billion to transform the transportation network that separates black and white communities and exacerbates racial inequality.


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