Israeli opposition leaders agree to jointly overthrow Netanyahu


The Israeli opposition leader has agreed to form a government that may end Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year rule as prime minister of the Jewish state.

This allianceAcross the political spectrum—from the far-left Meretz Party to the ultra-nationalist Yamina, based on the centrist Yesh Atid—after days of frantic negotiations, an agreement was finalized on Wednesday.

The so-called change of government will be supported by Ra’am, an Islamic political party that is playing a decisive role after failing to achieve clear results in four elections within two years. This is the second time in Israel’s history that an Arab party has played a role in a Zionist government, and it is also the first time that it has officially joined the coalition.

This different group has a common goal: to remove Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, Netanyahu, who is currently undergoing a corruption trial. Netanyahu denied all allegations.

“This government will work hard to serve all Israeli citizens, including those who are not its members, will respect those who oppose it, and will do everything it can to unite all parts of Israeli society,” Yair Lapid ) Say. Yesh Atid, write to the President.

Legislators will now vote on the government in about 10 days. Analysts warned that the alliance only occupies 61 seats out of 120 seats, but it may still not get enough votes. If they fail, Israel will face a fifth election in more than two years.

If it passes, the technology millionaire Naftali Bennett, who is more right-wing than Netanyahu, will become the next prime minister. He controls only 6 seats in the 120-member Knesset.

Bennett, 49, is a former protégé of Netanyahu, who served as Netanyahu’s chief of staff and minister of defense.He was ideologically opposed to the establishment of a Palestinian state and had previously clashed with Netanyahu Strike Hamas harder, A radical organization that controls the Gaza Strip.

He lobbied Israel to annex large areas of the occupied West Bank and supported the expansion of Jewish settlements, which was considered illegal by most of the international community.

Two years later, he will step down and the former TV presenter Rapide, who runs Yesh Atid, which focuses on the middle class, will rotate as the prime minister.

As Bennett’s party Yamina bargained over control of the panel that appointed the judges, the negotiations were put on hold. His political partner Ayelet Shaked vowed to continue her “legal revolution” aimed at reducing the influence of the Supreme Court, and will rotate with Labour Party leader Merav Michaeli on the Judicial Appointment Committee.

Ra’am’s support is conditioned on the material interests of the Muslim minority communities in Israel, including more funding for police, hospitals and other municipal facilities. According to human rights organizations, Israeli media reported that the leader of Ra’am, Mansour Abbas, asked for a change to a law that stipulates that anyone who violates a building permit must be imprisoned. Human influence is disproportionate.


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