Faced with the population crisis, China allows couples to have three children


In the face of the imminent population crisis, China will allow couples to have three children, and as Beijing reports that its population growth rate is the slowest in decades, China will completely abolish its long-standing family policy.

The official Chinese media Xinhua News Agency stated that the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee, composed of 25 top officials, concluded that the new “three-child policy” aims to “actively address the aging population and maintain China’s natural advantages in human resources.” “.

Experts, the public and even the People’s Bank of China have called on the government to completely remove birth restrictions after the epidemic is over. Census released this month It shows that the population has increased by 5.4% from the 1.34 billion in 2010-which is the lowest growth rate between censuses since the People’s Republic of China began collecting data in 1953-and the birth rate has dropped sharply.

But Beijing has been reluctant to break with decades-old population control agencies that have implemented the widely unpopular one-child policy. These agencies often use cruel methods, including forced abortions and sterilization.

In the past five years, China’s fertility rate has dropped sharply to 1.3 children per woman, one of the lowest in the world. The two-child policy introduced in 2015 had little effect on the increase in the birth rate.

Demographers say that rising incomes, urbanization, and the cost of raising children have led to a decline in fertility, which is extremely difficult to reverse.

Despite extensive scrutiny of the government’s criticism, the announcement of the three-child policy caused a rapid backlash on social media.

“I suggest you first solve the fundamental problem of child support… Before asking them to have children, the unfair treatment of women in the workplace!” Read the most popular reply under the Xinhua announcement on the Weibo platform Weibo.

“Many of us are the only children of our generation. Back then [the government] Fine us. Now they want us to raise four elderly parents and three children. .. Only in your dreams,” read another reply.


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