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Tezos (XTZ): price updates, developments, communities and events

  • Tezos Belonging to its own alliance​​, the core of the project is flexibility and development.
  • The original and enterprise-level features provided by the project have led to high-profile partnerships and impressive price changes.
  • Partnerships with McLaren And USDC is one of the latest developments of the network, which can meet the needs of the community.
  • Tezos is valued at 2.81 USD And is 40day The token with the largest market value, with a market value of over US$2.3 billion, is impressive.

The Tezos blockchain stands out for its emphasis on security, community governance, and energy efficiency. It uses Michelson to achieve institutional-level security and uses proof-of-stake consensus to ensure energy efficiency.

In view of this, Tezos continues to build enviable partnerships with top brands eager to build on the blockchain. Centre, the organization behind USDC, announced that its stablecoin will be issued on the blockchain, and McLaren will create an NFT fan platform with Tezos.

Recent development

After the integration with Gitcoin, the Tezos community has reason to be ecstatic. Gitcoin, a community specializing in the development of digital public products, announced plans to integrate with Tezos on July 8.

After the integration, the two parties launched the Tezos hackathon series focusing on NFT and DAO.

The first hackathon will be held on Gitcoin and will be named “NFT Me, You Can DAO It”. The prize money of the hackathon is approximately US$75,000, which will be shared among the 10 winning entries.

Recently, the network celebrated the third anniversary of the genesis block launched in 2018. The community enjoyed the event by recalling the milestones reached by the project. In the past three years, Tezos has reached more than 1.5 million blocks, more than 55 million transactions, and more than 1.3 million capital accounts, while keeping gas fees below $1.


Tezos’ achievements have aroused the interest of brands seeking to establish partnerships within the blockchain. Most notably, McLaren Racing tends to establish a technical partnership with Tezos, aiming to create an NFT for its fan base.

This collaboration will enable the Tezos brand to advertise on McLaren fleet cars and apparel.Licensing Director Lindsey Eckhouse commented that creating a

“The fan-centric NFT platform is an exciting and fast-growing industry innovation step.” Circle, the organization behind the USDC stablecoin, announced that the stablecoin will now be issued on the Tezos blockchain.

This partnership will witness the merger of one of the top digital dollar stablecoins with the revolutionary Tezos blockchain. It is planned to officially launch the release in the next few months, so that the community is full of expectations.

on the other hand

  • Tezos has fallen 66.50% As of this writing, it has risen from a previous all-time high of $8.40 to $2.82.
  • This plunge reflects the decline of the entire cryptocurrency market, with market capitalization falling from previous highs US$2 trillion To approximate lows 1.37 trillion US dollars.

Tezos community

Due to its flexibility and innovative approach to blockchain issues, the Tezos community is growing rapidly. On Twitter, the project has 124,000 followers and has gained more than 1.3 million accounts.

In terms of price, Tezos set an all-time high of US$8.40 in May, but the current transaction price is US$2.81. Given the juicy partnership and upcoming announcements, analysts are confident of price increases.

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