Coronavirus Update: Studies have found that the risk of Covid-19 has dropped sharply for up to 10 months after the first infection


Retirement may be delayed According to a new survey, for those whose income has been damaged by the Covid-19 pandemic. A quarter of Americans said they plan to retire later due to the pandemic, and that number jumped to 42% of individuals who reported losing income during the crisis.

Global food prices have been recorded Maximum annual increase The latest signs of rising food inflation over the past decade have accelerated during the Covid-19 pandemic. The soaring demand for food and soybeans in China, the severe drought in Brazil, and the demand for vegetable oil for biodiesel have driven the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s monthly food price index for May to increase by 40% compared to the same period last year.

The U.S. will Donate millions of excess doses Provide Covid-19 vaccines to countries around the world to help fight new pandemic outbreaks. The Biden administration previously pledged to donate 80 million doses, and on Thursday outlined how to distribute the first 25 million doses. According to the plan, South America, Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia will all receive millions of doses of vaccine.

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British social integration still exists Well below pre-pandemic levels Although a lot of restrictions were relaxed in mid-May. John Edmunds, professor of infectious disease modelling at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said this is a sign of “residual caution in the crowd”.

Portugal will leave England’s “green list” For foreign tourist destinations in China, no new countries will be added this week, which is a major blow to the leisure industry before the arrival of summer. Airlines had predicted that under the so-called overseas travel traffic light system, at least a few destinations would be opened. After the news, European airlines’ shares fell on Thursday.

The U.S. private sector created jobs in May The fastest speed in the past yearWith the reopening of the economy, strong growth in the leisure and hospitality industries has promoted this. According to a report by the payroll processor ADP, non-agricultural private employers added 978,000 jobs last month. This is the month with the largest number of employees since June 2020, exceeding the expected 650,000 people.

The rise in the rate of coronavirus infections under the age of 40 has boosted The R value of the United Kingdom returns to more than 1, A closely watched study found. The Zoe Symptom Tracking Project estimates that as of last week, the R, which measures the number of people who spread the virus per infected person, is 1.1.

Six asylum seekers Won the legal challenge The High Court ruled that it was illegal for the British government to place them in former military camps that did not meet the minimum standard of living. Asylum seekers were placed in homes at Napier Barracks in Kent whose lawyers claimed that these homes were “dirty” and that Covid-19 broke out in mid-January.

Taiwan Report Another 583 new local Covid-19 infections On Thursday, the second consecutive daily increase, which clearly shows that the soft blockade measures implemented more than two weeks ago have so far failed to prevent the country’s first large-scale outbreak. The Central Epidemic Command Center announced 364 newly confirmed cases of local transmission and 219 new backlogs.

The Supreme Court of India has Criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vaccine policy, It is “arbitrary and unreasonable” to call people under 45 years of age paying for their doses. In an order issued on Wednesday, the country’s Supreme Court said it needed to review New Delhi’s decision to change the national vaccine policy from free, centralized vaccines to “paid inoculations” by state and private hospitals.


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