Brazil affected by the epidemic will host the America’s Cup football game


Despite suffering from one of the worst coronavirus crises in the world and facing an imminent third wave of epidemics, Brazil participated in the upcoming Copa America football championship on Monday.

The announcement was made after the exit of the previous co-hosts Argentina and Colombia.Buenos Aires cited more and more COVID-19 cases Bogota pointing protest Catch Colombia.

The game, which was postponed once last year, will start in the next few weeks.

“The oldest national team tournament in the world will shake the entire continent,” South American Football Association Camebol said on Twitter, thanking Brazilian President Bolsonaro for his “immediate support” of the game.

Latin America and the Caribbean has been one of the worst-hit areas in the Covid-19 world, with more than 1 million deaths from the disease and tens of millions more economically affected. This region accounts for 30% of deaths from the global pandemic.

In Brazil alone, more than 460,000 citizens died. The absolute number is second only to the United States, ranking second in the world. On a per capita basis, it ranks eighth in the country.

Brazil’s decision to host the Olympics has attracted ridicule and contempt from authorities and politicians. Many people believe that this will increase the spread of the coronavirus and compare it with the Tokyo Olympics that will cause panic in Japan.

“Is Bolsonaro serious? In the pandemic, the arrival of the third wave, the lack of beds and supplies, and the risk of slow vaccination? Unbelievable,” said Gracie Hoffman, chairman of the opposition Workers’ Party. (Gleisi Hoffmann) said.

The governor of Northeast Pernambuco, Paul Camara, stated that the state does not allow any games to be held there.

Although there was a brutal second wave of the epidemic a few months ago, scientists and doctors in Latin America’s largest countries have already warned about the possible new peaks in the decline in the number of cases. The average daily number of new cases during the 7-day period on Sunday rose from 56,000 a month ago to more than 61,000.

At the same time, neighboring Argentina is in the second wave.

“In so many circumstances, we cannot continue to organize such tournaments,” said Santiago Cafiero, the head of the Argentine government’s cabinet. “We were committed to organizing it, we tried to keep our promises, but epidemiological reality prevented us.”

According to a poll by Poliarquia, about 70% of Argentines oppose holding a game in the country

In Colombia, due to continued protests against the government, President Ivan Duque asked Comebol to postpone the game until November.Some games were originally scheduled to take place in cities Cali, Has become the center of protests.

Conmebol refused and said it would look for other locations.

Although many changes have taken place during the 105-year history of the America’s Cup, the locations of the America’s Cup are usually arranged in alphabetical order. The last time the event was hosted by Brazil and won the championship was in 2019.

Additional reporting by Carolina Pulis


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