Bitcoin Price Crash – Another Bloodbath can happen again in Cryptocurrency due to Tether (USDT)


Bitcoin Price Crash News: The Financial Experts from the different country predicted that Bitcoin crash may happen anytime and this time it would go up to 80% crash from the current price. They also stated that the next big cryptocurrency crash would be due to Tether (USDT) coin. Recent research report found that Tether is playing a vital role in the Bitcoin price for the past 8 months and the price of the Bitcoin has been manipulated artificially by the Tether USDT coin.

Tether is owned by a trading company named Bitfinex which has recently come under scrutiny by a blogger identifying themselves as Bitfinex’d. The user has detailed in posts, tweets and YouTube videos that tether has been plucked from thin air to boost the value of bitcoin. Investor worries have stemmed from the fact Bitfinex has previously declared that all of its coins are backed by real US dollar deposits, giving it a one to one value.

Bitcoin Crash

When will Bitcoin Price Crash?

According to the Worldhab, If the price of the Teather (USDT) dropped anytime in the future, it will be reflected in Bitcoin and of course, it will reflect on the altcoins as most of the altcoins values depend upon the Price of Bitcoins as BTC is the main trading pair. It may happen anytime soon as Bitfinex stopped accepting US citizens and already banned the existing trading accounts from the US.

How to Survive the next Bitcoin Crash?

When Crypto Bloodbath happens, we only have two options,

  • to HODL
  • to Sell now and buy more at the Dip with the same Money

Usually, January and February are always a dull month for Crypto trading. The history repeated again this January. So we can expect a big dip or crash this February. It is better not to convert existing coins to USDT as Tether is being criticised a lot these days and it may reflect anytime soon in its price value. If it drops to like 50%, that would be a tremendous disaster day for Crypto as it plays a vital role in pricing these days. It is better to avoid using Tether at least for now as a big crash is expected and may happen anytime in February.

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