Bitcoin Future – What will happen to the Bitcoin in 2018?

Crypto Crash

Bitcoin Future: Bitcoin is seeing down from the beginning of the day, here is future of the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a simple explanation. Crypto universe is like a Tree. BTC is like a Trunk of Tree. Altcoins like ETH, LTC, BCH are branches of trees and other smaller altcoins are like leaves.

If Trunk dries, then eventually all branch and leaves will shed and tree dies. In some seasons you will see new leaves(coins), flowers and fruits(attractive ICO) at that time growth of Trunk will be stopped and the branch will be limited. Fruits have potential to become altogether another tree. Many leaves fall off also(Shit coins).

With time some branches become stronger, some leaf twig becomes branch and so on. In autumn season, leaves will shed and all life energy of the tree will go to Trunk and some to stem (Bloodbath of altcoins).Again spring comes, leaves flourish.

bitcoin future

Hence, the bottom line is if Trunk dies, the tree dies. Trunk growth may appear to stagnate for a while, during that time leaves, flower flourish, but it doesn’t mean Trunk will stop growing, it has just slowed down…

Brace yourself.. Autumn is coming !!

And by the way.. all government and legal entities are woodcutters with axe.

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