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US President Joe Biden hopes that 70% of Americans will be vaccinated against COVID-19 for the “Summer of Freedom”.

US President Joe Biden announced a month-long effort to make 70% Of Americans were vaccinated before July 4 (American Independence Day).

In a speech Press conference Biden said at the White House on Wednesday that his administration will work with local governments, the private sector and the American people to “go all out” to achieve this goal.

“The United States is about to usher in a summer that is very different from last summer,” Biden said.

“A summer of freedom, a summer of joy, a summer of parties and celebrations-this country deserves an all-American summer after a long, long, dark winter.”

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), although nearly 52% of the US adult population has been fully vaccinated, the President of the United States urged adults under 40 to get more vaccinations.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, more than 59,000 people in the United States have died from the coronavirus.

As more and more Americans are vaccinated against COVID-19, several cities and states in the United States have relaxed public health regulations in recent weeks [File: Caitlin Ochs/Reuters]

Biden said that in order to encourage more people to get vaccinated, in June, pharmacies and other vaccination points will provide extended vaccination services, provide home childcare services for parents, and Uber and Lyft A free ride service for round-trip appointments will be provided.

“Vaccination is easier than ever,” he said, adding that the government will work with hairdressers and barbers to reach communities of color.

“Local barbers and stylists-they became the main advocates of community vaccination, providing information to customers, making appointments for them, and even using their own businesses as vaccination points,” Biden said.

Biden said the number of COVID-19 cases and coronavirus-related hospitalizations and deaths has fallen sharply due to vaccination efforts. He added that 12 states in the United States have reached the 70% milestone, and several other states are expected to reach this level later this week.

U.S. has issued a state of emergency Authorization Three vaccines-Pfizer, Moderna, and one-time Johnson & Johnson vaccines-and American Over 12 years old Also eligible for vaccination.

A woman vaccinated against COVID-19 at a clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [File: Hannah Beier/Reuters]

Biden returned to office in January, promising to do more to end the COVID-19 pandemic than his predecessor, Donald Trump, who did not take enough measures to contain the disease by downplaying the threat It is criticized.

Biden also said on Wednesday that Vice President Kamala Harris, her husband Doug Enhof and first lady Jill Biden will conduct a “national vaccination tour” across the country.

“We need everyone from all over the country to work together to let us finish our game,” he said. “I assure you that we can do it.”


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