Which one is a Best investment in 2018 – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Ripple?


Better investment in 2018: Cryptocurrencies got the attention of all the investors from many parts of the world. Literally, people saw the growth of ETH from $30 per coin to $800 per coin in 7 months and Ripple from $0.25 to $1.35 in a month. So everyone is started researching which is a better coin to invest in 2018.

Here we give you some insights on which is going to be the best investment in 2018 out of top coins Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. This is just for educational purpose and we are not responsible for any loss you face. According to Cover365, Crypto is a volatile field, we request anyone to only invest which one can afford to lose.

Best investment in 2018

Best investment in 2018

✔️ Bitcoin is ridiculously expensive, but also the globally recognized currency, and it’s becoming increasingly evident that it needs to be part of any portfolio. So from a pure allocations POV, it’s likely to increase its epic run. Doesn’t mean it is inherently valuable, just means you have the greater fool theory going.

✔️ Ethereum is to Top Priorty, the obvious middle of the road bet and the safe choice relative to BITC. It’s relatively cheap, a lot of businesses are standardizing on it, and the brand recognition is growing. It’s less volatile than BITC, but far less known than BITC. If the ICO mega-trend continues, it will become an interesting standard as an alternative way of injecting capital into a previously closed community (startup funding), and we’ll see where it goes from there.

✔️ Ripple is the dark horse, but the bet here is that the banks replace the SWIFT network for crypto, with Ripple’s open source framework. And that’s what we’re really talking about frameworks. So it’s not about the currency, it’s about Ripple’s view that currency fluctuations in flight (for lack of better phraseology) should be minimized or eliminated. This resonates strongly with us. If crypto is gonna really take off, removing volatility while a transaction is occurring should be a key goal. we are not sure how hard they’re flogging this point, but hopefully…we could see a day where BITC actually moves across the Ripple network, but right now, it’s unlikely.

✔️ What’s deeply troubling to us is that the folks who originated these currencies are making off with absurd amounts of money for inventing something out of thin air that has virtually no inherent value. No tangible assets. But the horse has left the barn. You could also argue that tying gold prices and the dollar to actual reserves at this point is laughably outdated conceptually, as well given the propensity of central banks to literally print money out of thin air.
Invest with high caution in crypto, and only invest what you can afford to lose completely. you may heard of one guy investing 50K a few years ago in BITC and it’s worth something like 5M now. This is a binary outcome we’re looking at here, no pun intended.

✔️ We see Litecoin as being a distant forth option and the rest being utterly irrelevant, just because the wildfire of the main, visible currencies is burning so hot, there probably isn’t a great deal of room for new entrants into mainstream investing or utilization.

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