Augur Coin Price Raised 33.69% in a Week

Augur Coin

Augur Coin: In May 2017, Augur entered a collaboration with the IDEO CoLab group to design the Augur user interface. In July 2017, the Serpent compiler (a Python-based language for smart contracts) was publicly audited by Zeppelin Solutions, and a “buffer overflow vulnerability” was found.

The Current Market Price of Augur Coin is $108.87.

This resulted in a critical security bug, one that does not allow for the theft of funds. An attacker could freeze all transfers of REP tokens. Augur and Zeppelin Solutions began to migrate the funds from the previous Serpent based contract to a more secure Solidity based contract, which was successfully completed. Augur has facilitated and paid for the public audit of both the Serpent and Solidity compilers.

Augur Coin

The Augur Project was funded by a public crowdsale during the fall of 2015, in which it sold 11 million reputation tokens (REP) to more than 4,000 participants. Software development of the Augur platform has been done through the not-for-profit Forecast Foundation OU. The Forecast Foundation OU retained 440,000 REP (as well as the crowdsale proceeds) to help fund development of the platform.

Augur, a cryptocurrency-based platform that lets people bet on the outcome of future events, has seen its token’s total market value swell from $43 million in January 2017 to nearly one billion as of December 2017, according to CoinMarketCap. Its REP token has risen 2,000%. Here’s our quick take on Augur.

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