Alan King, the 21 year old millennial crushing the niche raw denim game

Alan King, a young 21-year-old entrepreneur creating a new buzz in the fashion industry since his age 15. He founded his company called AKINGSNY which was established in January 2016 making a killing sales and crushing the niche raw denim game. Since the beginning of his teenage, he dreamed of creating clothes for himself and his friends and family.

It all started there and now he has managed to get the attention from many through his artistic vision. His brand, AKINGSNY, known for J shaped denim is often described as Avant Garde cuts toward a contemporary consumer. At the age of 21, most of them are expected to complete their four-year college degree to complete their education and get a job in some MNC. But Alan King like many new millennials are not following the same old way, they have some other ideas and Alan dropped out of college and started working 16 hours a day building and achieving his dream and taking his company to the next level.

Alan King knows how to market his business through Social Media and he is constantly getting teenagers attention on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Many big companies were stunned to see his social media growth and many companies already approached him to execute their long-term marketing projects from the Fashion industry to grow their brands. AKINGSNY is more extreme than the G star curve and truly a cut above the rest. Here are the official Instagram accounts of Alan King and AKINGSNY.

Here are more details about Alan King and AKINGSNY.

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Instagram Link: @alanking

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