What is a AirSwap Coin & Where to Buy AirSwap Coin?

AirSwap Coin

Token Trader is a simple interface for making trades with a designated market maker. If you’ve used ShapeShift before, the interaction model is similar, where you’re trading something that you have, like AST, for something that the maker has, like ether.

AirSwap is based on the Swap protocol, a peer-to-peer protocol for trading Ethereum tokens. Many existing exchange designs suffer front-running and race conditions. AirSwap was built with fairness in mind and sidesteps these issues.

AirSwap Coin

To set up for the sale, we transferred 45.2M AST to our hot wallet, the private key to which was very well protected. Prior to each sale, we approved the exchange contract to only transfer the amount of that sale so there was no possibility of selling beyond the per-sale amount.

Our main sale enforced a maximum (cap) for individual order size based on the number of participants. The total number of tokens sold in the main sale was 42M AST, among 12,719 whitelisted registrants, making for a 3,300 AST individual cap. The sale was to be run over 23 hours from 10:10 am to 9 am the next morning, so every participant would have the opportunity to purchase at their convenience.

To safely transfer token balances between you and a counterparty, a smart contract is required to perform a swap where if one transfer fails, the entire transaction fails. This protects both counterparties. Therefore, you must approve the smart contract to perform this swap.

Where to buy AirSwap Coin?

AirSwap coin can be purchased at the following site: Binance, Huobi, Liqui, OKEx,  Gatecoin, EtherDelta.

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