8 Men’s Fashion Trends For 2019

For men, fashion has always been difficult, as there is not much variety of what you should wear or not wear to look trendy. Also, with the never-ending ins and outs in the fashion trends, it can be difficult for both, your wallet and your wardrobe to catch up with the latest trends in the men’s clothing.

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Luckily, this year some of the biggest trends of 2018 has spilled over in 2019, so you don’t have to renew your wardrobe completely. Here is a list of all the things you should hold on to in your wardrobe, which will help you to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion. Some styling tips from the greatest industry insiders about how to carry these 8 fashion trends and look absolutely flawless are also mentioned below.


Relaxed-leg trousers have been in trend from the past few seasons, because of their effortless style and relaxed shapes. Although the look of these trousers was a slow-burner and took time to make its place on the runways, but, it is for sure to stay in fashion for another 12 months. So, if you already own these trousers then don’t even think of getting rid of it and if you don’t have it, then its time to get a new pair of relaxed-leg trousers on a discounted price by using macy’s coupon.


These trousers are easy to carry because of their flexible and loose fit and looks good with a casual t-shirt, hoodie, shoes or coats. There is no need to take the first fashion step by going completely Slim Shady, a straight leg trousers are great. These trousers will give you a smarter look, better than just looking like you’ve got your dad’s trousers on. So, in 2019, for a simple classy look, be relaxed in these pair of trousers. Also, you don’t have to worry much about your wallet, as on Zoutons.com, you can find the best deal and offer to buy your perfect pair of trousers at a discounted price.


If you are even slightly interested in fashion, then you will definitely know that over the past couple of seasons, skate-wear has been one of the biggest risers in menswear. Last year, brands like DC and Airwalk rose from the ashes with their stylish skate-wear shoes and we saw skate-wear slaying everywhere on the streets. Skate-wear shoes are not going out of fashion for another 12 months, so tie up your laces and walk the streets with fashion.


The key to nail your skate-wear look is to team it with wide-legged chinos, logo tees and canvas belts. The attitude with which you carry this casual yet trendy look is also important. Layer your hoodie in interesting ways, let your belt hang down, and walk in style. Use Macy’s  codes and get your skate-wear in the least price.

THE 1970s

Well, the seventies have been staying in trend in menswear in one form or another for years. The 70s look can never go out of fashion and somehow makes its way in every year. It is a classic for every men’s wardrobe. Every man should own something from the 70s look except for the retro hair and platform shoes. In 2019, suede jackets, retro trainers, roll necks, corduroy everything, patterned knitwear and silk shirts are going to stay in fashion. So, if you own any if these or all of these then your 70s look is sorted.


According to Richard Biedul, a model and influencer, the 1970s never went out of style. A roll-neck has been a constant in almost every men’s wardrobe. To carry out the classic 70s look, wear a textured or patterned suit and some high-waisted trousers and slay the look in style. Get Macy’s coupon on Zoutons.com and enjoy the lowest price to pull off a 70s look.


Another amazing look that spilled from 2018 to 2019 fashion trends is tactile fabrics. Join the exciting winter wardrobe stalwart by getting tactile fabrics like, boiled wool, hairy suede, velvet, touchy-feely garments. They are worthy of the title ‘essential’ and they are worth holding on to.

Not only in winters but also in summer, silky smooth tencel shirts will continue to be in fashion. So, get tactile fabric garments for your wardrobe or if you already have it then your winter and summer both are sorted. If you are wondering from where you can get these amazing fabrics at a pocket friendly price then go to zoutons.com and use Macy’s coupons to shop with intelligence.


Tactile fabrics are the simplest way to trend up your entire look without stepping too far of your comfort zone. Team it with your usual casual clothes and it will add a style to them and make your usual outfits feel new.


The Navy Suit, stylish, elegant and super-trendy. A perfectly tailored suit is also something that never goes out of fashion. We all own it somewhere in the corner of our wardrobe, for those ‘special occasions’. Its time for your suit to gain some appreciation for you. Its not only about trying a Navy suit, but a Pink, Burgundy or Teal is also going to be in trend this year. So try out your hands on any patterned or coloured suit. It’s time to ditch the classic black and blue suit and try something alive.


According to Oliver Cheshire, model and face of Autograph at Marks & Spencer, adding lighter colours to your wardrobe is a great way to update your look for the year. Try out a suit in lighter shade like, blue or green and enjoy the spring feel. Use Macy’s coupons to get the perfect fit suit at the perfect price.


For a long time, function and fashion are mutually exclusive. We often like to own a garment in the style of military, sport or workwear. In 2019, designer and brands have worked hard to focus on utilitarian details like, heat-welded seams and bellows pockets while designing the clothes.


An amazing way to carry out the utilitarian look is to pair a multi-pocket jacket and a simple crew-neck t-shirt with tonal trousers.  You can browse through all the collection of utilitarian menswear available on all the sites from zoutons.com and use Macy’s coupon to get the best possible offer.


Theoretically, brown is far from being the sexist tone of the colour wheel. The colour brown resembles the colour of dirt and rusty water. In 2018, men woke up to the fact that they can wear brown in town. In fact, you can wear brown just about anywhere for any occasion, all you have to do is to pick up the correct shade.

Brown got its recognition from the 70s jackets, shirts, knitwear and suits. It offers a softer, but equally easy to wear alternative for black. Everyone prefers black but brown is what trends up your entire look. Brown shows that you are fashionable enough to try something else. And just like the camel coat, this one is going to stick around for a while. So, if you do not already have a brown look, then get it at the best possible deal by using Macy’s coupon.


The reason why brown works so well as compared to black or navy is because it allows textures to pop so much. Team it with a any dull coloured t-shirt or darkest shade of your sweater, it will go along so well. Just remember to pick the right shade of brown.


If there is one piece of menswear that has stayed in trend the last year, and the year before that and probably the year before that, is a Cuban collar shirt. Cuban collar shirts are the simplest and yet the most stylish to flaunt this summer. The extremely sleek look of these shirts are here to stay (at least for now). So, if you have your Cuban collar shirts then walk in style this summer.


The best of these shirts come in linen or cotton fabric, making it comfortable and airy on a hot day. This year, pair it with a leather jacket and a slim-fit jeans and get ready for an old-school classic look. These shirts are highly-recommended for guys with narrower shoulders and it makes them look broader.

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