How to Make Money Online from Home with the Four Percent Challenge

Make Money Online: Work from Home jobs are very popular among all the other jobs, but there are many scam programs than the real programs. It is always good to set up your own business rather than trusting someone else online when it comes to making money online. Because, many people claim one can make quick money online, easy money online or earn bitcoins online, but 95% of these ended as a scam. But how to find the best working course or program that can help you to make real money online? The Four Percent Program offers such awesome thing that will make you free from your day jobs and set up your real online business.

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If you are always searching for how to make money online, how to make quick and easy money online and ended up in a scam program losing thousands of dollars, then you are at right place. The four percent challenge is all about setting up your own Affiliate marketing business online and making a passive and recurring income every month using Get response, Clickbank and many other sources. The course will teach you how to select a product and how to promote it to make money every day online without spending much investment.

Four Percent Challenge

According to SomaliUpdate, The challenge program from the Four Percent Group consists of 60 days activities in which you need to watch the video every and start taking action. Many people started making money from the very first week. The program is designed in such a way by Vick and his team to help newbies to make money online through Affiliate marketing.

Make Money Online

The best thing to note down is, the team also offering a money-back if the course failed to help you to make money. But you need to take action to see the results. But unlike the other internet marketing and affiliate marketing course, this course is structured in a different way. The four percent review from the other customers is very great as they are showing their live income stats which proves that the course is working great for many people especially to those who are looking to make money online in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany.


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  1. Hello Harry, thank you for the information I have once come across ‘the four percent program’ on instagram but as you just mentioned, i don’t want to fall for scam.
    Is the program meant for Nigerians (Africa) and is it save for African investors? Please clearly explain the monetary aspect (payment method)

    1. Hi Samson, I can confirm this program is legit as I personally use this. They also provide money back guarantee, so if you are not happy, sure you will get a refund. But I am sure it works if you follow the strategy from Vick. He is real gem 🙂 Go ahead and sign up here

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