Most Profitable Home Based Business Ideas For Stay At Home Parents

home based business ideas

For parents, working from home is beyond the comfort of not being forced to wear office clothes and the absence of forced company meetings. It’s about being present at home and being able to personally extend their love and care to their loved ones, especially their kids. No matter how much they’re earning in the corporate arena to afford as many nannies, some would still prefer to be there themselves.

With that said, if you’re one of those contemplating of quitting their office job to stay at home and still earn, one quick tip in finding the right business for you is knowing what your skills are or what you’re passionate about. If you’re still confused, then below are some profitable home business ideas you may want to consider:

1. Cultivate a greenhouse

If you have a green thumb, this business can be a great avenue to earn profit. You have the option to go with ornamental plants or herbs. The demand for either has always been present. With ornamental plants, you may partner with a landscaping business, where you’ll be the one to provide them with the plants they need for their projects. You can also do direct selling of these plants, and enthusiasts will contact you to buy for their DIY landscaping projects.

If you opt for growing herbs, then there are various paths for you. You can choose to grow those that are being used for aromatic purposes, either for food garnishing or flavoring. Some herbs are used for medicinal purposes.

You also have the option to grow plants with flowers known for their fragrance, as those are being used for concoctions, scented candles, and soaps.

Starting a gardening business wouldn’t require too much capital as the space requirements are minimal and you just buy the seedlings you need. Your greenhouse is a gem and definitely among the top profitable home business ideas.

2. Establish a day-care

You’re a parent, therefore it goes without saying that you must have the basic skills in caring for children. This is your leverage. Since only a few have decided to take the same path as you’re about to take when it comes to working at home, it is safe to say that other parents would still report to their office to earn a living. While they’re at it, you can set up a small portion of your home where they can leave their young ones under your care while they’re away.

3. Design corporate giveaways

If you’re a creative person or if you’re interested to learn, this is a good business for you. You only need to create your sample design or even ask someone who specializes in graphic design to capture the giveaway ideas you have. Ask friends to refer you to their companies who would need your services; most of these companies no longer have the time to bother designing a giveaway. Also, market your service online. Create dedicated social media accounts for your business. Build a website if you have the budget.

4. Sell meal plans

If you have a background in combining food that may be based on their dietary value, then many individuals out there who no longer have the time to prepare their own food would look out for what you can offer. You plan the meals and have those delivered to their houses.

If you’re not confident in doing this yet, but you’re interested because you love food, then seek out training regarding meal planning and even basic culinary courses to make sure that your food isn’t only nutritious but also appealing to the taste buds of your customers.

5. Home healthcare business

If you’re a medical professional and you have enough understanding of patient needs, then learning how to run a home healthcare agency will eventually complete the foundation of your business. Aside from knowing the healthcare side, you must also be updated on the legalities when it comes to running such a business.

6. Digital Freelancing

Because of the rise of the digital age, working virtually has become a trend, wherein digital freelancing has evolved into a very broad work-from-home platform.

The following are among the jobs that can be done virtually:

  • Content writing – When it comes to writing, you can write blogs for yourself and be acknowledged for it, or you can do ghostwriting for other professionals who have websites but no longer have the time to write the content themselves. There are also agencies who would need articles for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) link-building purposes.
  • Graphics Design – Small and large businesses alike, and even professionals who would like to establish their branding, would require a graphic artist. This job pays well, and you’ll get to do the tasks in the comfort of your home.
  • Video Editing – Influencers who would like to build their online presence using videos would definitely need a video editor if they are not skilled enough to do it themselves.
  • Web Design – If you’re a programmer or an enthusiast who can build websites using some web builders, then this is an excellent path for you.
  • Virtual Assistants – If you used to be an executive assistant in an office setting, you could already work from home as a virtual assistant by doing the same things you did as an office-based assistant—for instance, the lead gathering jobs and replying to clients.
  • SEO Specialist – If you’re well-equipped and updated with SEO trends then clients are the ones who will contact you. Being great at SEO means a big payout for you as there are many businesses who will need you to improve their ranking on search engines.
  • Social Media Marketing Expert – Many businesses would like to conquer the social media market, and yet they are thinly distributed. Learn the tricks of social media marketing and charge these clients with reasonable rates according to the results you can deliver.


These are among the many options you can choose from when starting a business from home. Start with one that can give you the freedom from your office job as it will eventually turn out to be financially reliable. Again, start asking yourself what you really want to do and what it is that you’re passionate about. One of the perks of working from home and establishing your own business is having the freedom to build your own dream and pursue your passion, and not that of others. You have the choice, so choose wisely and start as soon as you can.

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