Top Rated Publishing House from Atlanta Launches VMH Books, A New Online Bookstore

Atlanta, GA, United States, 06/19/2020 / /

Atlanta based Online bookseller VMH Bookstore (VMH Books), featuring a curated selection of forthcoming books and consumer products, announced the launch of its online store this week. VMH Books was created by the renown VMH Publishing, an Atlanta- based publishing house specializing in print, distribution, and literary representation. The online store will feature dozens of new and timely literary works, available to be shipped directly to readers everywhere.

Amid a booming book market, VMH Books invites avid and casual readers to enjoy a wide variety of literary works, including books from a variety of authors and genres unique within the bookselling industry. VMH Books online store offers a straightforward platform for readers to peruse and purchase, which serves to clarify and enhances the reader’s overall experience. Given VMH Books’ affiliation with VMH Publishing, the parent publishing house, the new online platform guarantees that “[t]here’s no such thing as too many books.” Already committed to publishing great literary works, VMH Publishing has cemented a connection between the roster of authors to a larger audience of readers by opening a flagship online bookstore. VMH Books also plans to offer consumer electronics and related products for sale online soon.

In the digital age, the VMH Books re-imagined the experience of a neighbor-friendly bookshop in the form of an online store. Some familiar features, including monthly book recommendations, the “best of the year” selections, and a design and art section, reference simple pleasures of reading, which VMH Books articulates as: “a sofa, a good book, and you.” Notwithstanding this back-to-basics approach, VMH Books titles span dozens of time-honored and enriching genres, including New York Times best-selling autobiographies, business, health and wellness, and historical non-fiction. Nearly all VMH Books, which are priced at a reasonable rate, come in paperback and hardback format and ship domestically (with a friendly return policy).

In the forthcoming weeks, VMH Bookstore plans to release a steady stream of compelling literary works, including those distributed exclusively by VMH Publishing. As an added benefit, the founders of VMH Books believe that an established relationship with its parent publishing company will provide the world with a pipeline of fresh voices demanding to be read. Among thoughtful titles currently offered, VMH Books has released author Richard L. Bootle’s “The Art of Decency: A Life Choice” ($18.99 + shipping/tax), which recounts a “true-to-life look into the developmental process of decency” through the lens of political leadership in the United States. Other relevant offerings include author Garry L. Jones (Retired Lt.) “Misdiagnosis, Patient vs. Doctor,” detailing the misdiagnosis of 12 million U.S. adults in outpatient medical care each year.

In addition to the online platform, VMH Publishing announced the possibility of a separate brick-and-mortar location in the future. Although still in an early planning phase, VMH Books imagines an expanded physical location, with many of the same curated features available for sale. A brick-and-mortar location would offer print distribution of books, host literary events, sell consumer electronics and related ephemera, as well as offer world-class coffee for customers to enjoy while reading.

VMH Books is an online bookstore affiliated with the renowned VMH Publishing, offering unique and timely works of literature for sale to readers around the globe.

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