“To raise voice for the disavowed” LIMt launches Wild Chronicle Magazine

Bengaluru, 06/15/2020 / Story.KISSPR.com /

The Wild Chronicle online media magazine was inaugurated by love India mission trust (LIMt) in Bengaluru.

Many of the local members were present at the inauguration along with the president, vice president, and secretary of the love India mission trust.

Wild Chronicle was launched with a motto to protect animal rights and defend human rights. The present chief editor in Johnny NY. There are instances where it is necessary for someone to stand up and raise voice for the disavowed, said Johnny NY at the inaugural ceremony. It is with a team of 7 the Wild Chronicle Magazine was launched. 

There are many instances in a society where it is necessary for someone to stand up for a cause, rural underdeveloped areas in India require exposure to technological advancements and global markets. The cattle cultivation, local irrigation methods though effective are at low efficiency. It is a nice initiative to move along and educate the farmers to conserve the cattle and minimize hardship on animals, said Paul Ebenezer NY, the vice president of the Love India Mission trust. The first publication of the magazine is yet to be released in December 2020.

About Wild Chronicle Magazine:

Wild Chronicle Magazine brings to its readers the latest news about everything related to the world specifically Wildlife, Climate Change, and history, and culture. Beyond the ‘what’s happening around the world’ in the environment, space and nature, it also publishes research news on sea world, nature news, climate change, history and culture, animal news, and related fields.

Find the latest news on Animals, Nature, Wildlife, Culture, health, and History. Get the news breakthroughs and discoveries from around the world.

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