Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro Trekking Routes and Tours in Tanzania

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If trekking Mount Meru or Mount Kilimanjaro is on your bucket list, you know that preparation is key. #tanzaniaisready for tourism and Zara Tours was recently recognized when two guides were honored at the 2020 Tanzania Tour Guides Awards.

Trekking Routes and Tours

Trekking routes for Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro are diverse. Choosing a route has a lot to do with your budget, fitness level, and the length of your visit.

Budget— Your budget will vary based on the size of the group you are trekking with, the number of porters per person, and how many days you spend doing the climb. Proper altitude acclimation is the key to a successful climb. Plan on a longer trip if you want to increase the likelihood of reaching the summit.

Fitness level— treks will be categorized by difficulty, but people of all ages and fitness levels have climbed Kilimanjaro. Take your time, and be prepared with water, snacks, and the right clothing for the diverse weather patterns.

Length of visit— Day trips can allow you to trek for great views and local experiences. However, to trek Mt. Meru or Mt. Kilimanjaro, you will want to plan several days for the climb and slow altitude adjustments.

Trekking with a Group

Check out trekking itineraries to see the variety of activities you can expect with your adventure. Meal preparation, lodging, and porter to trekker ratios should all be considered in your trip. Carefully read packing lists and other traveler experiences to best prepare before your visit.

Make the Most of Your Visit to Tanzania

Consider a beach stay on the Island of Zanzibar, or add a safari or local tour of East Africa, Kenya, Uganda, or Rwanda. Your tour guides can build a trip that is perfectly personalized for you, without the expense you would expect from customization.


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