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Mount Kilimanjaro Hike Overview

Are you wondering what it really takes to conquer a successful Mount Kilimanjaro Hike?You will be in for a surprise as with Serac Adventures’ experienced and well-trained guides the hike to this popular summit is simplified to a great extent. Read on to find out!

Planning Mount Kilimanjaro Hike

First we start with your Mount Kilimanjaro Hikeplanning for which you have to make up your mind for the following:

  • Make sure you know the exact date of your trip.
  • Make sure you have spoken to our travel experts and decided on the hike route and duration of the hike.

With expert guidance from our team, you can complete this planning process easily.

Choose Kilimanjaro Hiking Routes

While planning your trek you can choose from the seven main Kilimanjaro Hiking Routesthat are mentioned below:

  • Marangu route: Marangu Route is the popular Coca Cola route which is customarily considered the easiest Kilimanjaro route due to its gradual slope and communal sleeping huts.
  • Machame route: The much better choice would be the Whiskey route which is Machame Routethe oldest route to the Kilimanjaro peak.
  • Lemosho route: We recommend LemoshoRoutedue to its beautiful scenic views and far lesser crowd than Machame or Marangu routes. 
  • Northern Circuit route: If you have more time to spare then choose Northern Circuit Route,this is the ongest route to Kilimanjaro peak which practically takes 9 days to hike.
  • Rongai route: This is the only route starting from the northern side of the summit. If you are hiking in the rainy season choose RongaiRouteas it provides the least precipitation.

Prepare For Kilimanjaro Hiking Adventure

Now that you have planned your trek you should get started with Preparing To Hike Kilimanjaro. For achieving this you will need to follow the subsequent steps:

  • Start with booking your flights.
  • Apply for your visa.
  • Take the necessary vaccinations shots.
  • Order online or apply for rental equipment and gears for the hike.
  • Get in shape and start your healthy diet at least a month before the trek.

Kilimanjaro Hiking Cost – Budgeting For Kilimanjaro

After you have planned and prepared for the trek, you should start calculating your Kilimanjaro Hiking Cost. The prices vary between $2,400-$8,000+ per person. This cost includes park fees, transport, guides, camping costs, and food.

Kilimanjaro Hiking Success Guide

Are you ready to conquer the great Mt Kilimanjaro? Your positivity and strong will help you a great deal in hiking this gigantic summit. As it is said “Practice makes you perfect”, we recommend you, therefore, to hike a smaller cliff for practice before going for the great Kilimanjaro. Training well before the hike will help you a great deal to achieve maximum Kilimanjaro Success Rateon the summit.

Kilimanjaro Hiking FAQ’s

Here are few Kilimanjaro Faq’soften raised by our clients that we have tried to answer in the simplest ways possible:

  1. Which is the best route to hike Kilimanjaro?

On your Mount Kilimanjaro Hike, we recommend you Lemosho route, Northern Circuit route, or Machame route which is the most popular route on the summit.

  1. What is the equipment I needtohike Kilimanjaro?

For the right equipment, you must follow our Kilimanjaro Packing Listthat is well articulated and makes sure you leave no item of importance behind. In the various documents that are required we insist you pack your passport, Kilimanjaro Visa, travel insurance, etc as they may be required during your airport checks.

  1. Is it Safe to hike Mount Kilimanjaro?

As you have already known that Hiking Up Mount Kilimanjaro is tough but with the help of our experienced guides and trek crew this summit has been made easy. Under their supervision hiking Kilimanjaro is safe.

  1. Can You Hike Kilimanjaro without A Guide?

No, it is not possible to hike this summit without a Kilimanjaro Hiking Guide. This is because as per the regulations of the Kilimanjaro Park Authority you need to accommodate a licensed trekker to get permission to trek Kilimanjaro.

  1. How Long Does It Take To Train To Hike Kilimanjaro?

Your Kilimanjaro Hiking Touris a daunting task but some training and exercise coupled with a healthy diet will help you hike the summit with ease. You should start training at least before a month of your hike.

Serac Adventures Offers You The Hiking Adventure You Have Never Experienced Before! 

Serac Adventures Kilimanjaro Hiking Package is affordable and customized as per the hiker’s needs. We will let you know about the Best Time To Hike Kilimanjaro so that you can experience the best that the summit has to offer. Our guides will provide you with Mt Kilimanjaro Facts that you would have never heard of before!

So don’t delay your trip as the ice caps won’t survive after the next few decades due to global warming and climate change. You can give us a call in case of any queries and we try to solve it to our highest of capabilities. If you are convinced to hike this gorgeous peak then start planning your trek with us today!  

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