Mentoring Complete Enhances Matching and Reporting Capabilities

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St. Louis, Missouri, July 7, 2020: Mentoring Complete is excited to announce new enhancements to their mentoring software on matching and reporting capabilities. The goal is to create a more simplified and engaging user experience for all participants involved.

Mentoring Complete strives to simplify the process of managing a structured mentoring program in their all-in-one solution. 

They have added a number of new features including real-time video conferencing with video conference link integration, enhanced matching for the mentoring program manager with several split-screen views, and robust management on a single screen. This system is refreshingly simple to use for mentors and mentorees while saving time and money for HR professionals when executing a mentoring program.

The New UI launch from Mentoring Complete also includes upgraded self-directed matching capabilities as well as more robust data reporting. With these advanced features, HR departments will find it easier to create engaged and longer-lasting mentoring relationships within their organization.

Mentoring Complete’s goal is to build a strong workforce through development, inclusion, and talent management with an easy-to-use software.

“As experts in the mentoring space it’s important that we continually look for ways to ensure we’re providing the best mentoring experience for our clients. Whether it’s leveraging our expertise, or enhancing the user experience, it’s our mission to improve the client experience. The new UI release simplifies the user so they can focus on what matters…the mentoring experiences and making the most of them. We’re excited for this release and there’s a lot more to come!” said Aaron Adams, partner at Mentoring Complete. 

About Mentoring Complete

Mentoring Complete was recently acquired by Engagedly. MentoringComplete is the most comprehensive mentoring solution on the market today. MentoringComplete’s system uses focus areas, personal characteristics, mentoring roles, and other criteria to make sure that a match is “right” for the mentee and the mentor.

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