Kenneth W. Welch Jr. talks about saving the planet and our children’s future in a new documentary

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“A Journey To Texas; Exploring The Future Of Energy & Our Environment” Follows Daniel de Castellane on his journey of traveling and learning more about the energy industry. He starts his journey in sunny California and travels to Willis, Texas to meet sustainable energy inventor, entrepreneur, Kenneth W. Welch Jr., founder of SeaDog Systems. 

Kenneth dreams of revolutionizing the world’s infrastructure for our children’s children; He believes that the apparent lack of vital resources such as clean water and food are simply issues of poor resource management and a lack of technological innovation. He aims to remedy both of these issues by personally inventing the technologies to allow humans to live in abundance below our oceans, on our lakes and rivers, above the water, and in outer space. 

In his journey, Daniel learns that our current “Green Energy” Systems are not truly sustainable, and they cause huge environmental damages.

Daniel gets introduces to the SeaDog Wave Pump, Kenneth’s invention. The SeaDog Wave Pump arrays can be located offshore, at the shoreline, and even deep inland! Multiple or stand-alone systems can also be attached to bridge pilings, piers, docks, and even the sides of ships features that provide unmatched versatility. SeaDog Wave Pumps are also capable of pumping gas and liquids great distances. In addition, promising research is currently being done using SeaDog Pumps as propulsion for surface and subsurface craft.

“Today’s Development of Tech needs to contain a collective moderation of basic materials completely recyclable, keeping environmental destruction to a minimal level of disruption,” says Kenneth W. Welch Jr, SeaDog Systems’ CEO. “We are counting on the momentum and expertise of the EXISTING supply chain to bring this vision to reality. The combination of products and technologies already proven in the offshore industry are essential components in the SeaDog Systems. We see an opportunity to leverage a repurposed supply chain and to revitalize the coastal economies previously driven by the skill pools and talent pipelines created by the offshore energy industry.”

Daniel later learns about third-party studies, supporting SeaDogs system; reports like “The Fuel Cost Required to Produce Electricity with Wind/Solar and Fossil Fuel Systems Including Nuclear” and “Systems Technical Evaluation The New Reality in Offshore Renewable Energy” a head to head comparison on our dam-free wave-driven technology along with SeaDog’s production of hydrogen in the New End Game “Stored Hydrogen”

Join us on this journey and learn how together we can save our planet. 

About SeaDog Systems 

SeaDog Systems, Inc. was formed in February 2016 and acquired the intellectual property related to its current suite of technologies. SeaDog Systems immediately engaged in consulting contracts with Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. and several key partners that possess the determination, abilities, and resources to bridge the gap between SeaDog Systems’ vision and its tech to reality. A unique team headed by Mr. Welch has committed itself to this mission. For more information on Kenneth W. Welch Jr. and SeaDog, please visit






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