How-to AVOID HomeWork Hangover during Covid19

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How-to Avoid HomeWork-Hangover (Best Tips)

First, what exactly is a HomeWork-Hangover?

With the manifest of Covid19, countless people have been, gratefully or not, required to work from home. HomeWork-Hangover (our newly created term), by definition, is remote workers who are tired of being cooped up at home working without an office environment and peer socialization. The Top 5 Symptoms: weight gain, irritability, loneliness, anxiousness and fear. (our complete “Top 10 Symptoms of HomeWork-Hangover” list is available per request)

…First Remedy: Have a “HomeWork-Happy-Hour …with your printer”

No, it’s not having an affair or even chugging sudz during office hours. HomeWork-Happy-Hour (our other newly created term defining our first remedy) is utilizing your home office color printer to temporarily escape and mentally fresh yourself while remaining seated at your desk.

Click. Print. Playoffs… With the NBA Playoffs upon us, here is our first-in-the-series & best tip of “How-to Avoid HomeWork-Hangover”: a newly published ebook/board game for basketball (on Amazon) – 100% inspired by Covid19s persistence and compatible w/NBA court images.

Mini Ball Courts: Pro Basketball Arena Courts Coming To A Printer Near You


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