Gundry MD Bio Complete 3: Prebiotic, Probiotic + Postbiotics

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Probiotics are fascinating, as these strains have been linked to better gut health. Most often, when probiotics are involved, so are its crucial fuel, i.e., prebiotics. One can think of these components as an army of healthy strains ready to battle against toxins, free radicals, and bad bacteria in the gut. Prebiotics are what help the good stay worthy and stronger than ever. This is the story that society has told until recently, where postbiotics made an entrance.

The purpose of this review to introduce Bio Complete 3 by Gundry MD®. Forget the previous narrative, as Dr. Steven Gundry insists that it is not a duo that maximizes gut health, but in fact, a trio! To better understand what the latter implies, factors including Bio Complete 3’s intended purpose, role, ingredients list, and value for the price will be assessed, to name a few.

What is Bio Complete 3?

Bio Complete 3 is a dietary supplement that has been formulated by Dr. Steven Gundry to maximize gut health, namely our gut lining. It contains three particular nutrients that strengthen the gut and eliminate unwanted toxins and rectify some of the symptoms that arise from inflammation-related activity. As shared in the expert’s own words, it only makes sense to “keep the good stuff in your gut where it belongs, and support, a healthy, robust immune system.”

How does Bio Complete 3 work?

As the name might have hinted, Bio Complete 3 has been designed to work in three ways, which Dr. Steven Gundry refers to as the “3-Pronged Defense to gut health.”

First, each serving ensures that the gut contains ample probiotics. These are essentially good bacteria that help to take over the bad ones caused by free radical damage, environmental factors, inflammation, and poor diet choices.

Second, each serving delivers an ample number of prebiotics. After having fought out most, if not all, bad bacteria, our good bacteria need to recover so that they can continue their knight-like efforts. Hence, prebiotics are essential fuels that keep good bacteria thriving.

As a final touch, a postbiotic was considered. This has been done to protect our gut lining. The gut or intestinal lining is what separates the gut and the bloodstream. In the event that the gut is exposed to bad bacteria, this lining prevents them from moving into the blood. Unfortunately, this lining is fragile for those with a leaky gut syndrome, allowing any toxins to reap right through. A postbiotic is deemed ideal for an “ironclad” lining, not to forget the alleviation of common leaky gut symptoms.

What are the main ingredients in Bio Complete 3?

The main ingredients found in Bio Complete 3 are as follows:

Tributyrin (as CoreBiome™)

CoreBiome™ has become a fundamental ingredient for gut formulas, as it has been found to support the digestive system and all aspects of the gut (i.e., its respective brain, muscles, heart, etc.). It is nothing more than a postbiotic in the form of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAS) or, more specifically, tributyrin. Until now, existing studies that looked at the effects of tributyrin have concluded that it can help maintain immune responses and is likely to reduce the risk of oxidative stress.


Sunfiber® is a soluble type of fiber that is believed to be gentle on the body. It has been studied and concluded to achieve digestive balance while eliminating common gastric problems (i.e., gas, bloating, etc.). What makes this ingredient unique is that it has been linked to healthy weight management, a reduction in one’s glycemic index, and meets the FDA definition of a dietary fiber, which is reassuring.

Bacillus Coagulans (ProDURA®)

ProDURA® Bacillus Coagulans is described as a spore-forming type of bacteria (i.e., probiotic strain). This means that the bacteria are protected by an outer shell so that they can overcome any acidic body environment. The only way for probiotics to do as they are tasked is to ensure that they remain intact until they arrive to the final destination. Due to ProDURA® ability to withstand such toxicities, one can anticipate a balance of beneficial bacteria, support in breaking down lactose, healthy cholesterol levels, and balanced vaginal health, among others.

Bio Complete 3 Reviews
Bio Complete 3 Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Who should consider Bio Complete 3?

Bio Complete 3 has been formulated to offer consumers all digestive health needs. Therefore, people seek additional support to achieve a slimmer waistline, smoother digestion, and regular bowel movements that can find this supplement helpful. In fact, Bio Complete 3 can go as far as improving energy levels and reducing sugar and junk food cravings, to name the least.

What is the best way to take Bio Complete 3?

It has been recommended to take two Bio Complete 3 capsules twice per day, preferably before a meal. Consistency is key, like in most supplements, and in this case, the goal is to protect the gut, which accumulates with time.

Is Bio Complete 3 safe?

Yes, Bio Complete 3 is generally accepted as safe because of the selected ingredients’ nature. For instance, Sunfiber® has the FDA’s approval. ProDURA® was recently granted the GRAS status (short for “generally recognized as safe”), and CoreBiome™ had been accepted the ideal gut formula addition of recent times. Moreover, this respective formula has undergone quality and purity testing through the Gundry MD facility and an independent third-party facility.

How long will it take to see/feel results with Bio Complete 3?

On average, it can take up to 4 weeks or more to see and feel drastic results. That said, many consumers have since reported feeling smoother digestion, fewer cravings (and overeating), and an overall increase in energy, vitality, and muscle strength by the first day.

Is Bio Complete 3 backed by a refund policy?

Yes, Bio Complete 3 is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee. Dr. Steven Gundry is aware that all bodies are unique and react differently to one-size-fits solutions. Even though much of this formula includes beneficial probiotics, prebiotics, and butyrate, they may not work for some. Hence, if individuals find that the latter is the case, customer service help in getting compensated can be sought-for by:

  • Emailing: [email protected]
  • Calling: (800) 852-0477.
  • Writing to: Gundry MD, 9465 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 300, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

How much does Bio Complete 3 cost?

Each Bio Complete 3 bottle contains supplies that last 30 days. That said, below is a quick prices rundown worth reflecting upon:

  • 1 Bio Complete 3 bottle: $69.95
  • 3 Bio Complete 3 bottles: $188.85 (total savings: $21)
  • 6 Bio Complete 3 bottles: $353.70 (total savings: $66)

Bear in mind that all U.S. orders over $60 are guaranteed free shipping. However, if a product is being returned for a refund, the incurred shipping and handling fees are the customers’ responsibility.

Meet Gundry MD®

Gundry MD® was founded by Dr. Steven Gundry – a health expert with over 30 years of experience. Having spent his time between research, surgeries, and making medical discoveries, Dr. Steven firsthand witnessed the benefits of going all-natural. This led him to spend well over 14 years investigating all-natural ingredients and their impact on the human system. Hence, the existence of the brand, Gundry MD®. Here what the expert had to say for himself:

“I founded Gundry MD with one mission: To dramatically improve human health, happiness, and longevity through my unique vision of diet and nutrition.”

Final Verdict

Bio Complete 3 is a 3-in-1 formula that combines the properties of prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics so that gut health is maximized. Postbiotics are what sets this respective supplement apart from the average probiotic supplement because it tends to the leaky gut syndrome.

The leaky gut syndrome is a condition where the gut lining is essentially “leaking,” forcing toxins to enter the bloodstream and, as a result, increasing inflammation all around. Many studies have since been conducted on postbiotics’ effect only to show that this is something that the gut needs to remain intact.

Besides the evidence of impactful ingredients found in this formula, the fact that a health expert is behind this solution makes it all the more uplifting. This eliminates room for doubt, which for consumers looking to invest is a good thing. With that said, the prices appear to be justifiable, especially given that one’s safety is highly unlikely to be compromised by taking Bio Complete 3. For more information on Bio Complete 3 by Gundry MD®, click here.


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