Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Feast: A Closer Look at Safe Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

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The last couple of decades have witnessed the advent of several cat food health solutions devised using novel formulas such as mixed meats, essential veggies, vitamins, minerals, etc. However, with that being said, it is quite clear that the market at large still lacks premium animal food solutions that are not only efficacious but also pocket friendly in nature. In this regard, Dr. Marty’s various animal food offerings are designed to address exactly this problem. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

In its most basic sense, Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast can be thought of as a “premium, freeze-dried raw cat food formula” that has been made using a whole host of clinically verified ingredients.

As per the official company website, each serving of Nature’s Feast is designed to provide adult cats with everything they can need to lead a happier, healthier life. Lastly, from a more technical standpoint, one can see that the formula is 100% natural and contains feline-friendly fruits, veggies, and mixed proteins that have been scientifically shown to help with things like:

  • Sustained energy release
  • Enhanced digestion and faster waste expulsion
  • Enhanced skin vitality and better fur growth
Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Feast Reviews
Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Feast Reviews

A Closer Look at Nature’s Feast

From the outside looking in, one can see that Nature’s Feast is an all-new cat-food preparation that has been designed to provide feline bodies with adequate nutrition in the easiest, most straightforward manner possible.

According to the manufacturer, the product is designed to bolster adult cats’ health by fortifying their bones, skeletal structure, muscles, tendons, and tissues and increasing their overall vitality, energy levels, and playfulness.

Some of the other core facets of Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Feast include:

(i) Completely Natural: One of the most important aspects of Nature’s Feast is that it has been made using absolutely no harmful fillers, binders, or other harmful additives that can potentially harm the health of our little furry pets.

(ii) No “Bad Veggies”: The formula has been made using absolutely no “bad veggies” that have been found to hamper the growth of young felines. Not only that, but they can also have a direct impact on a cat’s intestines, thus leading to several digestives, circulatory, and metabolism-related problems at a later stage.

(iii) Safe for Long-Term Use: According to the manufacturer, each component added to Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Feast has been made using ingredients that are sourced from organic farms. These nutrients are freeze-dried and then gently stored in ideal temperature conditions, allowing the ingredients to retain their inherent flavors.

Why Choose Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Feast?

Designed to feed all types of felines

As many cat enthusiasts may be well aware of, Nature’s Feast has been designed to help meet the nutritional needs and demands of any cat (irrespective of its current health condition). To be a bit more specific, the product’s nutrient/taste profile has been tailored to support the overall health of one’s cat in the most natural, seamless manner possible.

Hygienically Prepared

A core aspect of the formula worth mentioning is that it has been made using novel preparation techniques that help lock in all of the key nutrients needed by cats to spur their growth in the optimal, most efficient manner possible. In this regard, it should be pointed out that most manufacturers these days tend to overcook their animal meal preparations, something that eventually strips the food of nearly 99% of its innate nutritional value.

Easy to Prepare and Feed to One’s Pets

According to the product website, preparing a single-serve of Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Feast is extremely easy and convenient. For starters, all one has to do is take the recommended amount of formula from the container, mix it with water, and leave for a couple of minutes. Once the formula has become nice and thick, users can feed the mixture to their pets.

Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Feast Feeding Recommendations
Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Feast Feeding Recommendations

Wholesome Composition

Each serving of this delicious animal food product comes complete with several amazing ingredients such as Salmon, Turkey, Whitefish, Chicken Liver, Chicken Heart, Chicken Gizzard, Sweet Potato, Flaxseed, Egg, etc.

Positive Testimonials

At the time of writing this review, Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Feast has many positive testimonials available online. All of the folks who have fed the formula to their beloved pets claim to be extremely satisfied with the product as well as the results they have observed in their cats’ thanks to its use.


Even though most cats are usually extremely picky when it comes to what they want to eat, the fact that Nature’s Feast has been made using a plethora of healthy meats and veggie extracts means that a vast majority of feline breeds are extremely enamored by this product and want to eat the formula as soon as it is offered to them.

High-Quality Product

A primary reason why Dr. Marty’s various animal food products are so popular across the United States is that they are made from extremely high-quality ingredients and are absolutely fresh in nature. From a compositional standpoint, it is important to highlight that the product has been made using seven different meat-based ingredients and a wide array of veggie/fruit extracts that are cat-friendly. Last but not least, Nature’s Feast does not include any grain extracts that can potentially lead to our pets facing various side effects later down the line.

Other Noteworthy Facets of Nature’s Feast

As mentioned in an earlier section, most animal food products are usually cooked using industry burners to reach temperatures of up to 900 degrees. This not only results in the food losing out on its nutritional content but also makes it extremely unsuitable for long term use. However, Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Feast makes use of a novel freeze-dried packing technology that allows food to retain its amazing freshness as well as its natural taste profile.

The manufacturer claims that each serving of this potent cat food formula allows our pets to distinctly taste all of the meat derivatives added to the mix. Some of the meats found in Nature’s Feast include turkey, beef, duck, salmon, etc.

Instead of making use of harmful synthetic derivatives for maintaining the freshness of their products, the team over at Dr. Marty’s has been known to employ various natural preservatives — such as salt, mixed tocopherols — that not only help their products stay fresher but also helps protect our cats from consuming unwanted chemicals.

Since most cats do not ingest adequate amounts of water on a day-to-day basis, Nature’s Feast has been devised in such a way that it can be added to a water solution to create a sumptuous meal within a matter of just 180 seconds. That being said, the formula can also be consumed dry or in conjunction with any other food items that one may want to feed their pets.

Nature’s Feast FAQ’s

What does the term “freeze-dried” mean?

With the idea of natural foods your pet may eat if it was living out on its own, Dr. Marty has designed the food to give your cat these same healthy nutrients. Cooking at high heat can destroy these essential nutrients, by freeze-drying, the food preserves the nutrients.

How does the pet owner prepare Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast?

It’s easy! Using the suggested amount of food for your cat and mix it with water, approximately 3 minutes, this nutritious and tasty meal for your cat is ready.

What ingredients are used in Dr. Marty’s Cat food?

Peas, Carrot, Apple, Blueberry, and Spinach, Broccoli, Kale, Mixed Tocopherols (preservatives). The food also includes Salmon, Turkey, Whitefish, Chicken hearts, Chicken livers, Chicken gizzard, Sweet Potato, Flaxseed, Egg, Pumpkin Seeds, and Cranberry, Ginger, Salt, Kelp, Sunflower Seeds. The website states also, “Nature’s Feast cat food contains ZERO harmful fillers and no “bad” veggies that are harmful to cats. All of our ingredients are sourced fresh and then gently frozen, so they’re overflowing with flavor and nutrients.”

Will each breed of cat need a different cat food?

No! The nutrients used in Nature’s Feast are formulated to help support your cat’s happiest, longest, and healthiest life possible.

Where Can I Order Nature’s Feast?

The easiest and most convenient way of placing an order for Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Feast is via the official company website. In terms of pricing, the product is currently available for a base price of $59.95. However, purchases of multiple bags can allow users to avail of substantial discounts, such as:

  • Three bags are available for $170.85 (i.e. a 5% discount)
  • Six bags are available for $323.30 (a total discount of 10%)

Each food bag comes with a 100% money-back guarantee in case users aren’t entirely satisfied with the item’s quality. However, to facilitate a refund, users have to act within a period of 90 days (from the date of purchase), failing which they will no longer be eligible to get their money back. If prospective buyers have any questions, doubts, or queries regarding Nature’s Feast, they can either call upon the following number — i.e., 1800-670-1839 or send in an email to the following address — [email protected].

Payments can be made via a host of safe and secure avenues such as PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Discover, etc.


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